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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Fall Wedding


If you are thinking of a fall wedding, get ready for some surprises. If you are decided with this season, you are up for massive planning to ensure that the event will be successful.

When the planning is done right, expect a wedding that is worthy to remember not just for the couple but all attendees across. And of course your perfect wedding dress.

As you plan for your fall wedding, here are the pros you can take advantage of and cons you must consider.


The Pros

There are a handful of couples who plan to hold their wedding during the fall season, why not? There is so much to like about this season.

  • Temperature is cold and leaves are falling

What is a better backdrop than nature? Fall can give you a jaw-dropping wedding without exerting too many efforts. If the date of the month is planned right, your wedding can be the talk of the town for a long time. With the tons of flexibility and nice cold temperature, you will never go wrong with a fall wedding.

  • If you are up for a darker and deeper color scheme, the fall season is for you

If your color theme is anywhere in the colors of red, green, deep purple, orange, and bronze, a fall wedding is without a doubt for you. The color scheme and nature will complement and accent each other pretty well.

  • The season has a predictable weather

Among all the seasons, fall is the most predictable hence couples can plan and set their expectations properly.

  • You can get huge savings in choosing this season for your wedding

Since nature can accessorize itself, you do not need to think about the bill to pay for the ceremony and reception backdrop. Finding the right venue is the key to have a great wedding at a budget price.


The Cons

Here are some of the cons brides should consider when thinking about a fall wedding:

  • Attendance may be harder during this season

Since almost everyone is from their summer break, they may have no leaves to spare to attend your wedding. If you are sure about your date, it is best if you advise your guests ahead of time so they can spare some of their leaves to attend your wedding. As much as possible, although hard to do, find a location that is accessible for them.

  • Changing season may dry up the skin

Changing of season, from summer to fall, may dry up the skin. It is not just the bride but the groom too would never want to see their skin flaking or drying in front of the camera and their guests as well. Changing skincare routine could solve the issue but what if it didn’t work out and flare up the problem even more?

  • Some people experience financial difficulty during this time

Your friends and family could have spent all their savings in their summer holiday or they are already starting to save up for their child’s schooling, fall may not be the best season for other people, at least financially. Sure, you are inviting them not because of their gifts, but needless to say, do not get disappointed if you collected not as much as you expected.

Also, because of these reasons, some may find it hard to pay their airfare or accommodation to attend your wedding.

  • Booking indoor venues may be harder

Since couples planning to wed during fall may consider indoor as their best option, finding a venue may not be as easy. Most indoor wedding venues are fully booked thus you might be left without a choice but to choose the ones that were left.


Tips For A Fall Wedding

Here are some of the tips you can consider when planning for a fall wedding:

  • Keep yourself and your guests warm

Layering can be a perfect choice for you during this season. Never leave yourself freezing as it will surely ruin your special day. Bring blankets and shawls guests can borrow in case they failed to bring one for themselves. This is highly suggested for outdoor weddings.
Make hot teas, coffees, and cocoas always available.

  • Take advantage of nature’s backdrop

Embrace what the season has to offer and enjoy a beautiful backdrop given by nature. You sure would have plenty of places to take a photo outdoors if this is the season you plan to choose.

  • Consider fall beverages and foods

To add on the previously discussed hot drinks, tea, cocoa, and coffee, serve as well as candy apples, pies, and donuts. All these can give your wedding a true fall vibe.

  • Use seasonal decors

Use pumpkins, corn stalks, and gourds for decorations and let your guests seat comfortably on hay bales. Choose a nice fall-themed centerpiece and sprinkle the venue with nice, colorful leaves.


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