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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Groom Wedding Attire

It is not just the bride’s wedding day but the groom too, so finding the right attire for him is equally important as his bride. The wedding attire for the groom is a lot easier to decide on than a wedding gown, but that does not mean it can be taken for granted or delayed.

This article will discuss more the groom’s wedding attire, factors to consider when choosing one, and more.

What To Look For In A Groom’s Wedding Attire

Here are some of the things you must consider when looking for clothes to wear on your big day:

  • Make yourself the best looking man on this day

Sure, you would not want anyone to take the limelight away from you, it is your day therefore all attention must be on you (and your wife, of course). Your physical features may be hard to change, but your get up and attire can make drastic changes.

Wear clothing that suits you well, it is not necessarily a suit, you can also go for a tuxedo or something else. Do not force yourself to wear clothing that does not fit you well.

  • Set a budget

Buying a groom’s wedding attire almost the same price as with the bride’s is not the most ideal. Of course, you can splurge on the style and design that you want but keeping the price of your clothing to what you can afford is a must.

When deciding on your budget, think about the design, material, quality, style, and what you can afford.

  • Buy your wedding attire early

Buying early is a must for the groom’s wedding attire. If this you do, you are not only saving yourself time but money too. If you are shopping in a rush, your options tend to be limited hence buying a pair of clothing that is fairly nice but very expensive.

If you have more time to shop, you can get to see tons of options, ranging from different designs and prices. Also, who would want to cram on his big day? Make everything prepared a few weeks before your big day comes.

  • Practice wearing your wedding attire


The Bride's Survival Guide: Groom Wedding Attire

Give yourself some time to embrace your wedding attire and learn how to carry it properly. Try it on numerous times before the big day comes. It will help you a lot to look and feel good at your wedding.

  • Talk to your bride about it

Impressing your bride-to-be on your wedding is necessary. Talk to her about what she wants and try to collaborate on what to wear. It is also important that your attire complements your bride.

  • Make your attire well-coordinated with your parents and attendants

Try to coordinate your clothing with the wedding’s motif and style. Coordinated clothing is always nice on photos. If you want to be unique, you can play with different accessories available for grooms. You can also wear a different hue but it must complement the colors of your attendants, parents, and bride.

Apart from the considerations provided above, there are other things you also need to consider. Read below and find out more.


To Rent Or To Purchase Your Wedding Attire

You have two options, one is to rent and two is to buy a wedding attire. In renting, you can save a huge amount of money and you do not need to think about where to keep it after the wedding. The downside though is you cannot get the perfect fit and options may be limited.

On the other hand, if you are planning to buy your wedding attire, you are up for some great treats like you can get exactly the cut and shade that suits you, and the pair of clothing will fit you well. Unfortunately, it is far more expensive than renting, but considering its benefits and the fact that a wedding may only happen once in your lifetime, stretching your budget a


To Keep Or To Re-Use

The Bride's Survival Guide: Groom Wedding Attire

You also have to take into consideration whether you are keeping or re-using your wedding attire. Re-using it is the practical choice but you have to be limited to attires that can be worn during business meetings and other occasions. If this you choose, you might end up wearing ordinary clothing good to wear anytime.

Meanwhile, if you are planning to wear it only on your big day and keep it in your closet afterward, say goodbye to the big money you spend right after the wedding. But, if you are looking for extreme satisfaction and uniqueness on your wedding day, you can go ahead and spend your money on any clothing you want.

Some are sentimental and would keep it forever in their closet while others may sell it once used. The decision is yours to make.

Make sure to read our Bride’s survival guide for more information.


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