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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Photography And Videography


Photography and videography at the wedding are very important, If these fail, you would not have a memory to keep forever and I am sure your wedding dress deserves to be remembered. To make sure that this part of the wedding is not spoiled, here are some tips you can consider.

Tips For Brides

To make your photos and videos perfect, here are the things you must consider.

Hire the best photographer and videographer

This is the key to your success. Hire a photographer and videographer that can bring out your best assets and features. There are some things you need to consider when hiring them, read below for details.

  • Know their cost

One of the things you have to consider when hiring a photographer and a videographer is their costing. Sometimes, you get what you paid for, so if they charge too cheap, expect photos and videos that do not have the quality you are looking for.

  • See samples of their work

Check their outputs. Are you satisfied with the quality of their photos? You can always consider photos online that they already enhance, but you may also want to get a sample of their physical photos.

  • Ask for references

Ask for contact information from their previous clients. Call them and ask their overall experience. You may want to ask the photographer and videographer’s professionalism and how happy they are with the results.

  • Hire a photographer and videographer from the same company

Go for a company that offers both of the services. You would not want to deal with your photographer and videographer separately.

  • Know all your rights

Make sure that you know all your rights, some photographers and videographers own the right of the photos and videos they have taken.

If you were able to hire the best photographers and videographers, expect perfect photos and videos to keep.


The Bride's Survival Guide: Photography And Videography

  • Choose the professionals that can make you comfortable

Make sure that you are comfortable with the professionals you are about to work with. Set up an appointment and try to build a relationship as early as possible.

Schedule everything rightfully

You can ask for assistance from your wedding organizer to properly schedule all activities at the wedding, from your makeup, hair, reception, etc. Make sure that everything is organized and let the photographers and videographers informed.

If this information is known to these professionals ahead of time, they will have an easier time managing their schedules.

Minimize locations

There could be so many locations where you want your photo and video to be taken but wasting your time traveling is not ideal on your wedding day. To maximize your photo time, concentrate on a few places. Worry not as much, as if you were able to hire the best videographer and photographer they can turn any location beautiful and special.


Give enough time for your hair and make-up

The Bride's Survival Guide: Photography And Videography

Hairdo and makeup should not only be performed on the wedding ceremony and reception, make sure that there is enough time for your hair to get fixed and make-up is done throughout the event, including pictorials.

Your hair and makeup should never be rushed. Your wedding hair and make-up artists should be given enough time to prepare you and make you the most beautiful.

Have items to toss

To make your photos more beautiful and dramatic, prepare items to throw like flower petals, confetti, rice, paper planes, and so on. These could add drama to your photo and can hype up your genuine laughter and smiles.

Make sure that first look session is in place

There is nothing more dramatic than the time when the couple sees each other for the first time at the wedding ceremony. The emotions are very raw and can make your tear fall. Make sure that this is taken as it will give your wedding a highlight no other parts of the wedding can provide.

Ensure that photos are taken when the best lighting is available

There is nothing better than natural lighting, make sure that spectacular views are taken at the right time. This is when your time management is required. You have to make sure that photos and videos are taken at the right time.

Know your angle

Take photos of yourself using your camera phone, check which angle complements your beauty even more. Is it your right side or left, looking down or up, etc. You can also set a practice photoshoot if not with the professionals you will hire at least with a friend.

Set to your photographers and videographers your expectations

Set to them your expectations, like how many photos you want to see, who among the entourage and guests you want to see more on the photos and videos, etc. Do not hold back when speaking to them and make sure that all your expectations are set before the wedding even starts.

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