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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Rehearsal Dinner


With the many things you need to prepare for your wedding, time can be challenging, and complying with all the things you need may not come handy. Rehearsal dinner is one of the most disregarded events in the wedding plan since it is happening a day or hours before the actual wedding.

But, this event is as important as other things in your wedding plans, as this is when you can give back and announce your appreciation to those who take part in your wedding preparation and let your family and the groom’s meet and get acquainted.

Tips To Make Your Rehearsal Dinner As Memorable As Your Wedding

The wedding party should kick off on the rehearsal dinner, that is why making it very memorable is also necessary. To make this event equally exciting and memorable, consider the following:

  • Hire a band

Hiring a band can make the ambiance of the event relaxing, fun, and exciting. Listening to nice music while getting to know each other and socializing is a sweet treat.

  • Send invitation ahead of time

Just to make sure all the important people can attend this intimate event, send the invitation as early as possible. You can send it together with the wedding invitation or a little later. Just make sure to give enough allowance for the guests to prepare and clear their schedules.

  • Don’t forget to take photos

The Bride's Survival Guide: Rehearsal Dinner

Yes please, if possible hire the same photographer who will take photos at your wedding. If you are running out of budget you can ask a friend to take photos and he/she should be busy taking photographs of the entire event so no missed moments will pass.

  • Make your food creative and delicious

It can be a few hours before the actual big day but that should not limit you from serving great tasting food. Although, you have to make sure that no one gets too full as you would not want anyone running to the bathroom from time to time during the wedding ceremony.

Also, if you are planning to serve alcohol, make it minimal to ensure everyone is in their right minds when the wedding starts.

  • Create a program

Create a program that will make everyone participate. You can have a few of the guests perform, dance or sing, you can prepare games and so on. Make the event as lovely and fun as possible.

  • Make board or bar games available

Give your visitors something to do. You can make board or bar games available for extra entertainment, like billiards, chess, scrabble, and more.

  • Prepare some small giveaways

A small token of appreciation would mean a lot to those who will receive it. Prepare something to giveaway on this special event. It does not need to be expensive, but meaningful.


The Bride's Survival Guide: Rehearsal Dinner

  • Do not overspend

This event is special but that does not mean it should be expensive. Spend within your budget and never go beyond that.

Questions To Ask About Rehearsal Dinner

To make sure this event is successful, answer these questions:

  • When will you hold this event?

Most couples prefer to have the rehearsal dinner night before the wedding or hours before the big day, but generally speaking, there is no rule on when to hold this event. You can do it anytime you want, even 2 days before the wedding so you can have all day before your wedding to relax, so it can also be considered.

  • Who will pay for this event?

Traditionally, it is the parents of the groom who will pay and plan for this event. But nowadays, it can be anyone. Some couples prefer to share expenses while others want to stick with what was accustomed to. The decision on who will pay the bill will be determined by the couple.

  • Who is invited?

Who will come to the event? It is the couple, their parents, members of the entourage, including their dates or spouses, ring bearers and flower girls with their guardians and parents. You may also want to invite people who came from different countries to attend your wedding, not necessary if you want the event to be intimate, but make sure to prepare a separate event for them.

Added information: Kids, like the ring bearers and flower girls are not necessary to be present at the event if you want an all adult party.

  • Does it need to be formal?

The decision is between the couple or the host to make, but it is best if the formality of this event is not as much as that of the wedding party itself. You can go for a more laid back theme.

  • Where to have this done?

Just to make everything more convenient, choose a venue near the wedding ceremony or reception. The venue can be a rented space or a restaurant, there is no limitation on where to hold this event.

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