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Romantic Honeymoon Moments To Post On Instagram

Romantic Honeymoon Moments To Post On Instagram

Wondering which romantic honeymoon moments to post on instagram? Apart from the great photos when you are adorned in your wedding dress, other images that you should include in your Instagram are the honeymoon photos. Did you travel to Italy or Fiji? At the moment, we are in an age where couples tend to share their honeymoon photos with their followers and friends.

There are some images that are only meant for the two of you. However, if you want to share your travels with friends, then choosing the right shot is very important. Deciding which pose or candid moment to post might be very tricky. But with this guide, you will find it smooth all the way.

The following are some of the recommended romantic honeymoon moments to post on Instagram!

  • Your farewell at the airport

If there is a time when you can get away with mushy-gushy while at the airport, it is when you are newlyweds. Before you sail to your getaway, getting a fellow passenger doing it or a selfie or even a worker from the airline to get it for you might be great. Ensure to show off your just married T-shirts as you are dropped at the airport and bid everyone farewell. You can pose with your luggage while at the airport.  It is a moment that will hit you that you are getting married and leaving or your honeymoon destination. You should capture that moment when you are just about to leave.

  • Name change

After getting married, a lot of things change. If you decide to do it, last name changing is a great moment. Capture the first time that you are writing that new name. For example, when you are making a dinner reservation or when you are just about to check into a hotel. You can capture this particular moment and share it with your Instagram followers.

  • Rings with the passport

Because most millennial couples prefer to spend their money on experiences instead of items, you will leave the country for your honeymoon destination. With a lot of things to see in the world, yet with little time to do so, you can include holding hands on the plan with your passports and the wedding bands. It will be an excellent chance to show off your sparkler. On it, add new jealousy to those viewing it by including a cocktail in this particular photo.

Romantic Honeymoon Moments To Post On Instagram

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  • Iconic landmarks

Remember, you are going on a vacation. While your marriage is what is exciting for your followers, they will also want to find out about the beautiful parts of the world where you are vacationing.

Grab the pros of your honeymoon by letting trustworthy travelers, to capture you kissing, or just standing, holding hands, or hugging in front of iconic landmarks. You will also be happy that you will have them in the future years!

  • Honeymoon suite décor

Even if your early years you tried to save money staying in cheap Airbnb or hostels, during your honeymoon, you have a chance to splurge the best you can. Please choose a high end or a luxurious hotel. Showing off the great interior of the two of you might bring out a dreamy post. Whether it has rose petals in a heart shape or a happy honeymoon sign on your bed, letting your Instagram followers on it is worth it.

  • Sweet surprises

When you are planning for your romantic honeymoon booking, ensure to add a note for why you are going for the trip. It might just end up giving you a red carpet welcome. In most instances, restaurants will add some touches so that you can celebrate your married life. So in case, the server comes with them a small dessert as congratulation to you as the newlyweds, well decorated, you need to grab the opportunity and snap a photo of the same and share it with your instant followers.

  • Champagne boomerang

You should never forget about your Instagram stories. It is possible that you don’t want your feeds to have a lot of photos. However, there is nothing wrong when you ham with your Instagram photos. You can decide to get your honeymoon kick-started with a love toast. There are times when the balcony has lousy lighting or crazy shadows, especially if you are not staying on the top floor. So you will need to take a few shots before making the final ones for the real thing.

  • Breakfast for the two of you

Having breakfast for the two of you might be a great romantic moment during your honeymoon to take photos. When you require the extra energy in the morning after a romantic night, you will need to order breakfast in bed and ensure that you take the morning slowly.

There is nothing like you have finally settled at your destination and relaxing after several months of planning!

Having your first breakfast in bed together allows you time to relax and take everything slowly. It is the right time to set aside your official to-do list and be in the moment! Make sure to enjoy each other’s company! Go ahead and take a photo of you, finally enjoying your well-deserved cup of coffee with scones. Please post it on Instagram, and your followers will be happy for you.

We hope this blog on which romantic honeymoon moments to post on Instagram will help you plan your wedding content easier. If you’re looking for more information on how to plan your honeymoon, check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


Header Image Credit: @laviestudiosweddings

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