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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Seasonal Weddings


Winter, spring, summer, or fall, have you ever think on which of these seasons would you like to say your sweetest “I do” to your one true love? This is not an easy decision to make as each of this season comes in many advantages that you would like to incorporate on your wedding.

This survival guide will help you decide on which of the seasons is best for you to hold your dream wedding.

Tips In Picking The Best Wedding Season

Choosing the date when your wedding will be held can be equally exciting as preparing for other items on your wedding. This actually has to be decided early on so proper planning will be in place and invitations can be sent ahead of time.

So, if up until this moment you have not decided yet on the right season to share your I do’s, read some of the things you have to consider below:

  • Eliminate

If you cannot decide which of the 4 seasons is best for you, eliminate seasons not favorable to you. Like if you cannot stand the heat, removing summer on your list is a good idea. Choose the season that is the most comfortable for you.

Actually, fall and spring both have the best and most comforting temperature level, therefore, if you are too sensitive to temperature, choosing either of the seasons is a good idea.

Never leave yourself sweating to death or freezing, as that will surely kill your happiness and excitement on your wedding day.

  • When are you the happiest?

Another way to determine the right season for you is to assess where do you feel the happiest. Do you love skiing in the winter, or having a BBQ during summer? Choosing the season that can make you feel the happiest is a good idea to consider. If you love running on the snow, then definitely it is the winter you have to choose. Or if you want the sun to touch your skin, choosing summer is indeed a good choice.

The ambiance on your wedding will give a huge impact on your emotions, so if you are walking down the aisle during your favorite season, expect that your happiness will overflow.


The Bride's Survival Guide: Seasonal Weddings

  • Think about the weather

The weather will greatly impact your guest’s attendance. Foul and coarse weather could cause your guests to be late or not attending your wedding. If you are planning to celebrate your wedding in hurricane belt location, avoid fall and summer months as these seasons may bring strong winds and heavy rainfall.

When considering the weather, you also have to consider the place where you plan to hold this momentous occasion, as not all places experience a hurricane or heavy rainfall during the summer or fall season.

  • Match the season to your wedding venue

You would never want to be out in the open during winter same as hidden in the hotel during spring. Take advantage of what nature has to offer and match it carefully with your wedding venue and theme. If you are planning to hold your wedding in a mountain resort, considering winter is a good idea, while if it is on the beach, try spring or summer.

What do you picture your wedding to look like, is it cozy and cold or warm and outdoors? Whatever you think matches right to your venue and theme, is the best season for you to celebrate.

Tip: Asking expert’s advice is ideal if you have no idea about things to consider when choosing the best season most suitable for your venue.

  • What flowers would you like to see at your wedding?

Another factor to consider when choosing a season is the flowers you want to see on your big day. Not all flowers flourish on all seasons, and with this, you have to pick the season where your favorite flowers bloom the most.


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The Bride's Survival Guide: Seasonal Weddings

The prices of flowers greatly impact the season, as hard to grow flowers on a specific season is far more expensive when you purchase them on seasons when they flourish the most.

Decide wisely on whether you want to prioritize flowers to see at your wedding or the season to hold your wedding.

  • Consider the dress code

No one knows your family and closest friends better than you. Envision the clothes you think they will wear at your wedding and consider that when choosing a season. For sure, you want them to be equally happy and comfortable as you on your wedding, hence letting them wear clothing suitable for the season is nice.

Taking the season into account is important when planning for a wedding. If this you think you cannot do on your own, you are always welcome to seek help from professionals who absolutely know better. Please take a look at our guides:

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