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The Bride’s Survival Guide Spring Weddings


There is no other season more popular than spring for lovers who want to tie the knot. The ambiance of spring is perfect for two lovebirds to finally turn the next chapter of their lives. But, just like to any other season, even how good and perfect this season is, there are pros and cons you also have to consider.

This article will discuss the pros and cons of tying the knot in spring and things you need to know if you decided to hold your wedding during this season.

The Pros

There are many reasons why spring is a better choice, and to know them, read on:

  • The natural beauty of spring is perfect for a romantic wedding

Think about cherry blossoms, beautiful and colorful flowers, and a perfect temperature. There is nothing more romantic than the natural effect this season has to offer, a few decorations and let nature do wonders.

  • Thinking of a huge party, consider this season for your wedding

One of the reasons why lovers choose this season is they do not need to compete with major holidays just to get high attendance. Trips and holidays are not as much during this season, that is why couples can still expect high attendance even if invitations were sent late.

  • You can wear any style of gown you wish

The temperature during this season is perfect, if you wish to wear a long sleeve wedding gown, you can go ahead and do it without worrying about sweating the same as wearing a tube top or backless without the fear of getting cold or uncomfortable.

This season can give brides the freedom to wear any style of dress they wish.


  • You have a massive option of flowers to choose from

Spring is when the flowers bloom in their finest and most beautiful appearance, so, if you want your wedding to be very colorful and full of beautiful flowers, you can go ahead and do it without worrying about your budget.

  • Getting a picture-perfect photo on your wedding is possible during this season

And because this season can bring perfect cloud coverage, expect a picture-perfect photograph at your wedding. There is nothing more dramatic and beautiful than photos captured in natural light.

The Cons

Even how beautiful this season can be, there are a few disadvantages you need to consider:

  • Weather may be unpredictable

This season may have the most unpredictable weather, you never know when will it rain or when the snow falls. You may have visualized your wedding as a wedding full of cherry blossoms and beautiful flowers, only to end up getting soaked in the rain.

  • It is also called as “the allergy season”

Unfortunately, this season may bring flu and allergies not just to your guests but you and your groom too. And with this, even how beautiful the surroundings and the lighting is, if your eyes are teary and your nose is red, getting a beautiful photo is impossible.

Also, you may hear sniffing and sneezing around while your wedding ceremony is being held.

  • An outdoor ceremony may not be as recommended during this season

If you are planning to have an outdoor ceremony during this season, do not expect that everything will fall as planned. The weather is unpredictable hence to be on the safer side, it is best if you do it indoor.

Some may see this option as restricting but needless to say, an indoor wedding is the only way they can be assured.

  • Prices during this time can be higher

The venue, vendors, and other wedding essentials may be expensive during this time because of the high demand. This is the season when almost every couple wants to tie the knot, that is why vendors take the chance to increase their rates.

  • Getting your first picked vendor may not be all the time possible

Because of the high demand, vendors’ schedules are all tied up. Therefore, if you failed to book at an earlier time, you might end up getting serviced by your second, third, or even least option.


Final Takeaway For Spring Weddings

To make this season perfect for your wedding, here are some tips you can consider:

Stop procrastinating and book ahead!

One of the things couples tend to do is delaying their preparation and planning. If you are decided on a spring wedding, make sure to plan. Planning can save you from cramming and allows you to hire the vendors you want to serve at your wedding. Venues are booked fast during this season so you better get up and decide where to hold your wedding the soonest time possible.

Choose the right venue

You always need to have a backup plan during this season thus choosing a venue with both indoor and outdoor availability is a good idea.

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