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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Summer Weddings


Summer offers a ray of sunshine perfect to give any outdoor wedding a blast. Apart from the great weather, summer also gives high flexibility on colors, themes, and floral.

If this is the season you plan to wed, you are making the right choice. But to make this a perfect season for your wedding, you must know the pros and cons.

The Pros

  • Couples can enjoy a wide variety of options

Daylight during summer lasts up to 9 PM, depending on the area and month, and with this couples have greater flexibility in terms of maximizing this special day. They do not need to rush taking their photos as they have all the time to capture the best photographs and enjoy the sunlight.

More so when the evening arrives, the fun does not end as couples and guests can enjoy a nice temperature while having fun.

  • When the sun goes down, it is time for a more creative and exciting party time

Summer is when the meat is the freshest, the fruits are most ripened and local cheeses are utilized. Expect a wide variety of delicious food to be served on your table on your wedding day. With these food options, it is not just you but your guests will have a great time.

  • Summer fun is hard to beat from morning until night

Bonfire, s’ mores, dancing, and endless partying are best when the sun goes down. You must not worry about the temperature as it is as comfortable as ever. With your photographer’s equipment, taking beautiful photographs is very much possible.

  • This season is perfect for night owls

Of course, the ceremony will not start when the sun is up and too hot. It will be held at around 6 PM followed by a nice and scrumptious dinner. Therefore, you have all the time in the morning to prepare and all night to enjoy.

Morning ceremonies may give guests reasons to be late, unlike in the late afternoon when everyone arrives on time.

  • Options of flowers are endless during summer

Think about the bouquet you will hold as you slowly walk down the aisle or the backdrop of fresh and beautiful flowers as your photos are taken. Options of flowers during summer are vast, they come in different colors and beauty perfect to pair up any theme you are thinking about.

The Cons

Meanwhile, here are some of the things you need to watch out for a summer wedding.

  • It is hot

The Bride's Survival Guide: Summer Weddings

Yes, of course, it is summer so expect high temperatures. You sure would not want to see yourself full of sweat from the head down to your toes. Oiliness is next to ugliness and that is not impossible when the wedding is held on summer season and timing is not planned well. Be the most beautiful girl at your wedding and not the other way around.

The bride is not the only victim in this hot season but the guests as well. Due to too much heat, guests may find it hard to focus and be comfortable, it can be very distracting and disengaging too.

  • Attendance could be challenging during this season

If you have family or friends who are avid summer travelers expect that they may reject your invitation especially if it is sent at a later time. If you are definite about a summer wedding, it is best if you talk to special people in your life to save the date and do not book summer getaways.

  • Lighting can be very destructive

Unfortunately, the ray of the sun may limit your photographer in taking photos. There are areas that your photographer cannot capture as it is against the light. Even how high the technology they use, they may find it hard to enhance photos taken in front of the sunlight.

Some Tips To Consider For Your Summer Wedding

Here are some tips you can consider to ensure that your summer wedding will be the most memorable and successful.

  • Choose a colorful palette

The Bride's Survival Guide: Summer Weddings

If you are thinking of a semi-formal or an outdoor wedding, choosing colors of green, magenta, mango, fuchsia, and violet is a good idea. If bright and bold is not your type, you can go for colors of icy blue if you want a refreshing and cool ambiance and pastels if your color motif is appropriate to the season. Ivory and white with nice green accents can perfectly work on almost all kinds of styles.

  • Offer refreshments and some seasonal sips

Before the ceremony starts, make sure that cold refreshments are available for your guests’ added comfort, and during cocktails, it is nice to serve slices of fresh fruits and fresh fruit juices or fruity tea.

  • Think outside the box

There is no limit in choosing the theme, style, and motif at a summer wedding. Be bold, creative, and unique on this important occasion of your life.

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