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The Bride’s Survival Guide: The Ceremony


One of the highlights of the wedding is the ceremony. But, this you have to think and consider, there are absolutely no same ceremonies. It differs in many ways like in the recessional, ring exchanges, remarks, officiant, and more.

But just to give you an insight into what is happening in a traditional wedding, read below.

  • The procession

Here the members of the entourage and all other parties part of the wedding will walk down the aisle. In a Christian wedding, the bride will be escorted by her father, while her groom waits at the altar. In Jewish tradition, the groom will be escorted by his parents as he walks down the aisle and the same with the bride.

  • The opening remarks of the officiant

This is when the officiant opens the ceremony. He/she will most of the time verbalize what the ceremony is all about.

  • The officiant will address the couple

The officiant may discuss the significance of the vows you are about to share and this is when the officiant reminds a couple of their roles and duties in their marriage.

  • Exchanging of vows

This can be the most romantic and symbolic part of the ceremony. The couples will share their promise and commitment. And for traditional vows, it may include the popular phrase, “for richer or poorer, for sickness and in health…”

  • Exchange of ring

Traditional Wedding Ceremony

So, here is what is happening in a traditional wedding ceremony:

The Bride's Survival Guide: The Ceremony

This is when the symbolic ring will be worn by the bride to the groom and the groom to his bride.

  • The announcement of the marriage

The officiant will now declare that the couples are now husband and wife.

  • The kiss

And finally, the moment that everyone in the crowd is waiting for, the couple’s first kiss as a married couple.

  • The final remarks

This is the time when the officiant will end the ceremony by imparting a few words, and for some religious ceremonies, a blessing.

  • The recessional

Almost the same as the processional only that this time, the newly wedded couple will walk together as they exit the wedding ceremony.

Alternative Unity Ceremonies You Can Try

Almost everything is changing, the same goes for wedding ceremonies. Here are some cute and cool ideas you can incorporate during your wedding:

Sand Ceremony

One of the cutest alternatives to a traditional ceremony is the sand ceremony. Here the couple will mix two different hues of sand in an empty container. Either the bride or the groom will pour some of his sand on the container and then his/her partner will do the same, and then afterward the couple will pour in the remaining sand together. Just like the mixed sand, no one can separate them.

Water Ceremony

This is almost identical to sand, only that colored water is being poured in the container. Experiment on the colors and find two colors that would create a perfect color when mixed.

Wine Ceremony

This is where two kinds of wines are mixed (preferably white wine and red wine) and couples will drink them in a shared glass. This symbolizes togetherness.

Candle Ceremony

This can be the most popular among the alternative ceremonies and would look dramatic in a dark room. Here, the couple, or if they want to include their families also, each has a candle in their hand. They will light it using the main candle lit in front of them. The main candle can be lit by the parents of the couple or if the couple wants to add a twist, they can have their candles lit and light the main candle together.

Flower ceremony

The Bride's Survival Guide: The Ceremony

Ideally, couples use red roses as it symbolizes love, but any flowers will do in this ceremony. The couple will have a flower in their hand that they will exchange with each other as a symbol of their first gift, then, they will put it in a beautiful vase at the same time.

If you want your family to be involved in this ceremony, it is best if you choose a different flower for them.

Tying and handfasting knot ceremony

This ceremony is where the groom and the bride’s wrist and hands are tied together using a ribbon, cord, rope, or vines. You can be a bit creative here by using any material that has a symbol in your relationship, like the dress you wore on your first date. Choosing the right knot is also critical, as it must give a symbol to your relationship too.

Tree planting ceremony

This ceremony symbolizes the growth of your relationship. You can plant a separate tree and twist it together when it grows or plant a tree together. This could be one of the ceremonies that give utmost symbolism for couples.


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