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The Bride’s Survival Guide: The Reception


The wedding reception is part of the wedding that almost all the guests are looking forward to. This is where the fun starts, and guests and the couple can mingle more. Just to give you a rundown of what is happening during the wedding reception, read through.

Cocktail Hour

Groom and Bride: At this time, their photos are being taken in a different location. Close family, parents, and the wedding party are included in this session.

Guests: Guests at the wedding are now exiting the wedding ceremony area and moving to the reception location. This is a perfect time for guests to mingle and eat some nice hors d’oeuvres. Some may also take this time to retouch and relax.

The Reception Is About To Start

Groom and Bride: After the photo session, the groom and the bride are now preparing to enter the reception venue as newlyweds. If parents and the wedding party are part of the entrance ceremony, they should be prepared and lined up as already.

Guests: The MC of the event will invite all the guests to gather in the reception hall. Wedding gifts can also be dropped off in the designated area.

The arrival of the newlyweds

Groom and Bride: Together with their parents and wedding party (if in case they decided to make them part of the entrance), the groom and the bride will enter the hall most of the time in an upbeat dance performance. Depending on the theme, the couple can enter in any fashion they wish to.

Guests: Guests are either standing up or seated, depending on what the MC asked them, and they will cheer as the couple enters the venue. There is no food being served at this time, but the DJ of the wedding will make sure that the ambiance is prepared for a great and fun program.

The First Dance

Groom and Bride: This is when the groom dances her wife for the first. Some couples would like to involve their parents here.

Guests: Now everyone is set and ready, they can prepare to hear speeches and watch as the program commence.

Welcome Speech

Groom and Bride: After their first dance, they will both go to the chairs prepared for them.

Guests: In most cases, it is the father of the bride who welcomes and thanks to the guests, but nowadays, it changes depending on how the couples want it executed.

Time To Eat!

Groom and Bride: They will either enjoy their meal or go around the tables to personally thank their guests. This is also when guests grab the opportunity to take their photos together with the newlyweds.

Guests: The MC will direct the guests to the buffet table, or if food is being served, guests can wait patiently on their tables as the DJ plays lively music.

Wedding Toast

Groom and Bride: During this time, the groom and the bride are now back on their seats and preparing themselves to listen to heartwarming speeches.

Guests: Guests may not be done enjoying their meal at this time.

Best Man and Maid of Honor: The best man and the maid of honor are now in front and prepared to give their most heartfelt speeches to the newlywed and offer a toast.

Family Dances

Groom and Bride: Now that everyone is settled, the groom and the bride will honor their mother and father by dancing with them. It is the groom and his mother first, followed by the always dramatic scene of father and daughter dance.


Guests: After the long wait, finally, it is time for everyone to get up on their feet and dance to upbeat music played by the DJ. The groom and the bride may also decide to throw their garter and bouquet to their single guests.

Dessert Time

Groom and Bride: The MC will ask the groom and the bride to cut their wedding cake. This is also when they thank their guests for spending this momentous and romantic time of their lives.

Guests: This is when the guests can grab themselves drinks, coffee, tea, or any other available drinks. In most parties, cake cutting is a signal that the party is on its midway.

Party On

Groom and Bride: This is a perfect time for everyone to grab the couple for a photo op. Photos can be taken anywhere, in the bar area, dance floor, etc.

Guests: Those who failed to dance on the first part of the event will have a chance to showcase their dance moves now.

The Finale

Groom and Bride: The groom and the bride can decide on staying with the guests or heading out for a grand exit.

Guests: It is now time for the guests to bid goodbye to the newlyweds and everyone else at the party.


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