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The Bride’s Survival Guide: The Toast


With the many wedding toasts you have heard, is there one that struck you? You may have heard almost the same spiels over and over again, nothing new that can make you recall that moment for a long time.

If you are invited to lead the toast at a wedding, get still and relax. There are many ways you can do to make the toast one of a kind and worth remembering.

How To Give An Unforgettable Toast

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when you are invited to give a newlywed couple the toast.

  • Get everyone’s attention

Even how great your prepared speech is, if no one is listening, it is useless. Tactfully get their attention by staying calm and speaking clearly. Your opening remarks will make or break the entire toast. You may want to start with “Hello everyone! Let me please have your attention for a few heartfelt moments to give the beautiful bride and her stunning groom a toast”.

  • Make the toast delivery short but sweet

There could be so many things you want to share during the toast, like how you met the groom, how were you when you were kids, how you learnt to ride a bike at the same time, and so on. These can be something you are very proud of and want to share with everyone, but unfortunately, not all are interested to stay longer and listen to it. Some are excited to dance, drink, and even go home.

Make your speech short but sweet. Make it straightforward and all about the groom and bride.

  • Be appropriate and complimentary

Keep talking about good things about the couple, like how sweet they are, how caring, and how you wish to see them forever. Skip all the negatives as that is not your role. Give the couple complements that would make their heart melt.

  • Be sincere

Throw the script and give your speech from the heart. You can have a cheat sheet just to make sure you can verbalize everything you want to share, but do not read a script throughout. Sounding scripted and like a robot is not enticing to listen to at all.

  • Be clear-headed

There can be so many beers and alcohol at the party, but please reserve it later after the toast. Slurring will never give you any good and the guests as well.


Things Not To Say On A Wedding Toast

Here are some of the things you must avoid when giving a toast.

  • No cursing, please

Even how comfortable you are with the couple, never be too complacent when giving out your speech. Do not curse as you never know how sensitive the other guests are.

  • Never reveal any family secrets

Keep the family secret within the family. You may know that the groom is adopted but that is not the proper venue to verbalize it. You have no right to say it to anyone, whether it is during the toast or anytime, so to speak.

  • Do not prolong the wedding toast

People are automatically scared when they hear the word “speech”, they know that they are up for a long and boring talk. Make your speech short and brief, and not too long. Do not put the guests to boredom.

  • Sharing embarrassing story is a no!

You may want to make everyone laugh by sharing an embarrassing story about the groom or the bride, but unfortunately if this you do, you are putting them in great humiliation. Sharing a story they want to forget for the rest of their life in front of 300 people is not the best way to deliver your speech.


  • If you do not like the groom or the bride, no need to say it

Don’t joke about your dislikes with the groom and the bride in front of hundreds of people. Keep it to yourself, this is not the right avenue to talk about your disappointments and dismay.

  • No inside jokes, please

It is not fun to hear jokes that you do not understand. When no one understands what you are talking about, it will become boring and useless. If your speech only resonated with the groom or the bride, you will hear a cricket.

  • Do not make your speech about you

You may love yourself so much and want everyone to know how good of a person you are or how successful you are with your business or career but unfortunately, the toast is not for you.

Deliver a speech that would focus on the groom and the bride and not you or anyone else at the party. This is their day, and make them feel it is.


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