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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Bouquet


And finally, your wedding will happen in a few months, are you decided on the wedding bouquet to bring as you walk down the aisle and get the attention of everyone surrounding you? This is less important than your wedding gown but definitely worth taking time to think and decide upon.

You would never want to go wrong with your wedding bouquet, may it be the bouquet you will hold in your hands or the bouquet you will throw on your single lady guests. The decision may be hard considering that there are a lot of wedding bouquets available in the market, and if you check on it, all of them are truly gorgeous.

This article can help you find the best wedding bouquet available today.

Tips When Choosing A Wedding Bouquet

Here are the tips brides can consider when choosing a wedding bouquet:

· Choose your wedding gown before your bouquet

When you visit a florist, make sure that you already have a photo of your wedding dress. The overall look of your wedding bouquet is dependent on the shape, detail, and style of your wedding dress. It is important that the bouquet complements the dress and will not cover the best parts of your dress.

The wedding bouquet can easily be adjusted to your wedding gown; hence you must not worry about it too much.


  •  Know the flowers in season

Make sure that you choose the flowers that are in season and not hard to find on your wedding day. Do not choose flowers that are flourishing in the winter if you are planning to tie the knot in summer. Also, flowers that are not in season are very expensive, hence best not to consider them. Anyway, there are so many beautiful flowers out there.

  •  Make your wedding bouquet personalized

One of the things bride forgets is incorporating personal touch on their wedding bouquet. This they forget simply because they think a bouquet is not too important. You may want your flower designer to incorporate something new, old, blue and borrowed on your flower, advising them ahead of time is recommended.

  •  Make your flower bouquet picture perfect

Make sure that the bouquet you will choose would look great on photos. This is one of the most photographed items in weddings, flowers are used as props, it is highlighted in many scenes in videos, and you are holding it from the preparation to the reception, hence expect that it will be taken many times.


  • Choose a flower bouquet that is easy to hold

Remember, you will bring the flower bouquet before the start of the wedding until the end, hence it is only necessary that you choose a bouquet that is easy to hold and not too heavy to carry. You can tie a comfortable cloth around the bouquet to make it easy to hold. Do not get too hard on yourself, and give yourself ease to move.

· Choose the flower bouquet with a good price

There are so many expenses in a wedding, hence it is only necessary that you try to cut on some of the expenses, including your bouquet. There are many affordable bouquets that look very nice and beautiful, you just need to know how to bid the right price and ask for discounts.

Additional tips to consider

Apart from the above, there are other things you need to consider for your bouquet, and here are some of those:

· Hold the bouquet right

Some, because of nervousness hold their bouquet with their two hands and carry it on a higher level or above the waist. If this you do, you might cover the best parts of your dress and lift your shoulder which may look ugly on photos.


· Make your bouquet look beautiful all day long

Your flower must look good until night time, hence giving it a freshen up by sprinkling the flowers with water or cutting the stem a bit is a good idea. Make your bouquet look equally pretty when you first had it.

· Preserve it

Yes, you are not required to throw your wedding bouquet. You can keep it to yourself and preserve it. Some do this to keep the memory of their wedding forever. Although this service may come with a price, it is all worth it considering the memory this can mark your life.

· Keep it unique

Of course, you can copy some of the wedding bouquets you see online or the magazines, but it is always best if you keep it unique and made just for you. Others would also use fresh flowers identical from their bouquet to their hair. This is a good idea for people who want to add a twist on their flowers and looks as well.

Considering the above tips and considerations, you can have a gorgeous wedding bouquet.


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