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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Cake

The union of two hearts is dramatic, beautiful and life-changing. After you were asked to marry him, the next thing that would play on your mind is the wedding day! Sure, this event is worth celebrating, and you have to show off that you are the real star of the night.

There are so many things to do, hiring wedding photographers, choosing a catering service, visiting venues and more. One of the things that excite many is the wedding cake. It symbolizes many things at a wedding and guests are surely excited to see what your cake looks like.

Not to pressure you but you have to impress your guests with your cake.

Things to remember when choosing wedding cakes

Keep in mind, that cakes, just like any element in the wedding, must be taken seriously. There are many ways you can do to ensure that you will have the best cake. And this article will help you with it:

· Choose the best baker

Of course, choosing the best baker is necessary if you want to have a cake that will impress many. When choosing a baker, you have to consider the following:

  • Recommendations from your friends
  • A baker who has a high rating
  • A baker who is popular in your locality
  • A baker who has proven him/herself for quite a long time

If you failed to choose the right baker, you might get into trouble.

· Require a cake testing

Even how popular he or she is, requesting for a cake tasting is still necessary. Let him prepare the best cakes he has or better talk to him about the taste you are looking for in the cake. If you have a specific flavor in mind, do not hesitate to tell him.

Cake tasting most of the time comes with a minimal fee, but it is worthy, considering that you were able to try the cake before placing an order. Also, when you find a cake that suits your taste, make sure to remind him that you are expecting the same taste and quality of cake at the wedding.


· Ensure that the design of the cake fits everything in your wedding

Apart from the taste, you have to make sure that the design of the cake fits almost all the elements of your wedding, from the color to the design, theme, and motif. It is best if you give your idea to the baker, and let the baker do what he does best.

The design of your cake must be beautiful, appealing and standing out but not different from other elements of the wedding.

· Choose the right size

The size of the cake is also something to consider when buying a wedding cake. With the size, you have to consider different factors such as:

  • Your budget: Expect that a larger cake is more expensive than smaller sized cakes
  • The size of the event: Do not consider too huge cake if your wedding attendance is within the minimal range, or too small cake if the venue and attendees are massive

The size of the cake must fit the size of the event and your budget as well.


· Consider pricing

The pricing of the cake also is a factor when choosing which to purchase. The value of the cake

must not be more than your budget. Stick with your budget while you are considering the taste, quality, size, and appearance of the cake.

Also, try your luck and ask for a discount. There is nothing wrong asking for discounts anyway. It is also best if you tell the baker your budget upfront. Let him know what you can afford so he can direct you to cakes within your budget.

You can go for an expensive cake if you have the means, but you can try to cut down on the price if you cannot. You may also want to consider whether the cake will be distributed to guests or you are only using the cake for the traditional cake slicing. If it is only for cake slicing, you can get a cake that has fewer edible parts but if it is to be distributed to your guests, choosing cakes with a lot of edible parts is better.

· Consider your allergies

Make sure that the ingredients of the cake won’t give you any allergic reaction. Tell the baker if you are allergic to possible ingredients they will use, like nuts, milk, etc. The baker would bake his cake as is if you do not inform him about your allergies.

There are many wedding cakes to see online, if you see a cake that attracts you, you can save the photo and show it to your baker when you visit him. Take your time choosing your cake, as it would give your wedding a blast.


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