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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Favors


After your wedding, for sure, you want everyone to bring home something that can make them remember the wedding for a very long time or something that can send them your appreciation of their presence.

Factors To Consider When Choosing For Wedding Favors

There are many wedding favors to choose from, and with these too many options brides and grooms face a hard time choosing which among the wedding favors is best for them to giveaway to their guests.

Just to help you get started with your selection process, here are some of the things to consider:

  • Your budget

How much can you afford? Even if you have sources, you must think about your budget. At a wedding celebration, there are a lot of expenses to consider and shoulder like catering, venue, photographers, videographers, and more.

Stick with what you can afford so you will not be left with a broken bank account after your wedding.

There are wedding favors that are cheap yet symbolic and nice.

  • Your wedding theme

It is best if the wedding favor can be incorporated with the theme of your wedding. By doing so, you are giving your visitors something to remember your wedding, for a long time.

  • Think about usability

Even if it is a bit expensive, if it can be used, you are not wasting any money at all.

Wedding Favor Ideas

There are tons of wedding favors to consider, and to narrow down your options read the samples below:

Wine glass

A wine glass is indeed a good wedding favor to giveaway your guests. Personalize it with the couple’s names and the date of their marriage. This is very useful and worth to give away.

Bottle opener

There are many types and styles of bottle openers you can choose from, and with this, you can play around and choose which you think is best to symbolize your wedding and love. You can go for a bike bottle opener if you love riding bikes or a bottle opener with a silhouette of a bottle of beer if you love drinking, the options are endless.


Wine stopper

You can also go for a personalized wine stopper. It is not only useful but affordable too.

Candles in tin cans

There are scented candles available in cans that can be personalized. This is a good treat for those who love relaxation. This is also an affordable option yet would surely give make your guests happy.

Candy jar

A candy jar with sweet candies on it is a good idea. Your guests would surely thank you for giving them something sweet and something to use after.

Salt and pepper shakers

This wedding favor is getting more and more popular because of its versatility. It can be given away to any wedding themes, and besides everyone uses salt and pepper, right?

Personalized sunglasses

This is another wedding favor that would give guests happiness. Although, if you want them to use it more often, it is best if you discreetly embed your name on it, like at the back of the frame.


Everyone would surely love a few pieces of macarons to bring home with them. Placing it in a nice jar to have them something to remember after finishing the macarons is a good idea.


Yes, if you have enough money to spare why not go for wines? Giving your guests wines is indeed a good idea to consider.

Treats in a bottle

You can go ahead and give away chocolates, cookies, or candies in a bottle. This is a perfect giveaway and can be appreciated by all your guests.

A paper fan

This is a wedding favor that can be given away even before the wedding starts. This can help your guests cope up with the hot weather outside during a summer wedding.

A soap

Sure, giving away soaps at your wedding is a good idea. You can wrap it in a nice paper sealed with a sticker that has your name printed on it. This is not too expensive and perfect for any gender too.

Hand sanitizer

Another nice party favor to consider is hand sanitizer. This will surely be appreciated by your guests who want their hands always sanitized.

Wooden comb

Yes, a comb would be a good party favor to giveaway. To make it more exciting, you can give away hair brushes for the girls and comb for the boys.

A keychain

This is a good gift if you want something they can use and keep for a long time. Also, there are tons of designs to choose from, hence your options are endless, from the cheapest to the most expensive, from the most simple to the most intricate and unique.

A handkerchief

Sure, a handkerchief is a good party favor to give away. To make it more personalized, you can have your initials stitched on it.


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