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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Invitation


A wedding can be one of the most exciting and special days of one’s life, hence it is only necessary that everything is well prepared, including invitations. One of the first things to consider when planning a wedding is the invitation. The wedding invitation is as important as the location of the wedding, the catering services and the like. Without it, confusion may arise and miscommunication may happen between the celebrators and the invitees.

Brides are the busiest and most stressed during wedding planning and preparation, but they should never drain themselves during this time as they have to look at their best on their wedding day. To help you get started with your wedding preparation, this article will help you send the most efficient and effective wedding invitations to your guests.


You must use the 4W’s when putting text on the invitation:

What: although obvious, you still have to include on your invitation that it is for a wedding

Who: introduce the groom and the bride on the invitation

When: be specific with the date and time of the wedding. Spell out the month to avoid confusion, followed by the day and the complete year

Where: include in the invitation the exact address of the wedding ceremony and the reception, if the address is hard to find, provide a map

Other than the most important information above, you also have to include the following:

Dress code: include the theme, the motif and the right choice of colors for both men and women

RSVP: send the name and the number of the person they will inform of their attendance. You also have to indicate the latest date for them to confirm

Ensure that all of the information above is correct. Double-check before sending the invitation out to the guests.

Gone are the days when invitations were sent on the mailbox or delivered personally by the couple to their guests, as e-invitations can be sent today. The concept is the same, only that e-invitations are sent via email or social networking sites.

If you want to stick with the traditional way of sending invitations, being creative with your invitations is a good idea. Instead of the usual rectangular invitations, try unusual invitation shapes like scalloped edges or a circle.

Here are some of the do’s and don’ts to consider when creating wedding invitations:


Here are some of the do’s to follow for wedding invitations:

Choose a legible font

Make sure that the font style, color, and size you will use is highly legible. Make sure that the letter “c” is read as “c” and not “e”. The color of the font should also be very legible against the background.

Send the invitation early

Give the guests enough time to prepare for your wedding. For sure, some of them may need to buy clothes to wear or time to take a break from their work. Sending the invitations earlier can help you as well to adjust in case many of the guests decline.

Give invitations to special guests in person, if possible

If possible and if you have some time to spare, sending invitations to your special guests, like Godparents or closest relatives, in person is a good idea. It may not be a requirement or not necessary considering your hectic schedule and the possible distance, but trying to do so is always welcome.



Brides, you must keep off some of the things mentioned below:

Focus on just the font

Considering the right font is necessary but you must not forget other important parts of the invitation like the images, borders, etc. Make your invitation appealing to the eyes.

Misspell the names of the guests or forget to include their title (envelope)

Never misspell the name of your guest or forget to include their title, may it be Dr., Atty, Mrs. Or Mr. If you are not sure about any of their information, it is better to ask them than guess and get it wrong.

Using “and guest” if the guest is engaged or in a relationship for a long time

It can be offensive to use “and guest” when inviting someone’s long term partner. If you are not sure about the name of his/her current partner, never guess or assume. You would not want to start a fight between them if in case the partner he or she is with now is different from the person you know.

An invitation is very important for weddings, hence it is only necessary that you start right on this. Bring out the creative juices in you and be as accurate with the information as possible. There is no turning back especially if all the invitations are printed, more so, if the invitations are already sent out to the guests.


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