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The Wedding Menu


One of the things that stress brides is the wedding menu. Of course, what the couple wants is to provide an excellent meal to their guests. The menu is the breaking point of a wedding, if guests are not pleased with the meal, they may not be able to enjoy the party as much if they are full and satisfied.

Brides should not fret, as this article will help them find the best wedding menu to surprise and impress their guests.

Things To Consider When Preparing For The Wedding Menu

To help you get started, below are few of the things you must consider when deciding on your wedding menu:

  • Budget

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a menu to serve at your wedding is your budget. Overspending on the menu is not ideal. Some caterers and chefs offer their service at an affordable cost without affecting the quality of their service and food.

When setting your budget, you also need to consider the number of your guests. When speaking to a caterer or chef, it is best if you tell them upfront the budget you set for this, so that they can prepare a menu suitable to your budget.

  • Trust your caterer or chef

Caterers and chefs specialize in food, hence trusting them is not a bad idea at all. Sure, you can take part in choosing the menu but there is nothing wrong if you take their suggestions. They know better, and for sure you hired them because you know they can execute accordingly to your standards and taste.

Take a little worry off your back and trust expert’s help and advice.

  • Demand a food tasting session

Demand for a food tasting session. This is the best time for you to try out their food. You can make a special request for the dish you want to see at your wedding. Be honest and let them know your thoughts. If it is too salty or spicy, you can let them know so they can make proper adjustments.

If you are planning to invite your parents or someone else to do the food tasting with you, inform the caterer or chef, as most of the time they only prepare food tasting for two.

Food tasting may or may not come with a price, but needless to say, this session can help you a lot in choosing the best menu to serve at your wedding.

Food tasting does not give you the obligation to hire their service. It is only to test their ability to cook good dishes.

  • Do not be too worried about your guests’ dietary requirements

If you will consider all the dietary requirements of your guests, you will never finish and you will fail to find the best wedding menu. It is nice to favor their requirements but that will just stress you a lot.

Think about the food that will favor the majority of your guests. Do not overthink and worry too much, remember, it is your wedding.

  • Do not forget about the refreshments

The menu should also comprise with refreshing drinks. Some are too focused on the food to be served, ending up forgetting that good drinks are equally necessary. Give your guests with enough options of drinks to choose from, cold and hot.

Make sure, there is enough water and juice to be served during the interim.

  • Find a caterer or chef early

This is one of the things you should plan for your wedding. This must not be taken in a rush. It takes time to choose the best caterer or chef around you. If you rush, making the wrong decision is not impossible.

  • Demand for a guaranty

Even you have had your food tasting, you never know what kind of food will be served on the actual wedding itself. Make sure that you demand a guaranty that the food they will serve is equal or more delicious than the food they let you tasted.

If the caterer or chef is confident with what they can serve, they will have no doubt about giving guarantee away.



Additional Tips To Consider

Here are some of the things you also need to consider for your wedding menu:

  • Serve the food on time

You may not be hungry yet because of the happiness and excitement you feel, but your guests’ stomachs are already growling. Set a realistic time on when to serve the food. Do not get too excited and push through with all the programs at the wedding in one sitting. Let the guests eat meals when already due and necessary.

  • Prepare extra dishes

You may have prepared a set menu for your guests, but giving them more options is best. The more food options they have, the better and the merrier they could get. You can serve pizza, chips, cold cuts, fruits, bite-sized cupcakes, etc

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