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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Photography


To make sure that all-important scenes at your wedding are captured, hire the best wedding photographer. Of course, the wedding day will end, but the photos and videos can make the memory of this most precious event kept forever. This is also a good way to make sure that people who failed to attend your wedding have something to look into and make them feel like they were also part of the event.

Majority of couples keep the photos they get on photo album so they have something to reminisce with their soon to be children. Photographers play a huge role in weddings as they can turn the event from a day of celebration to forever. As a bride, you must take the priority of choosing the best photographer, seriously. You would never want to look ugly or off on your photos; you deserve a photography that captures your best angle and most romantic and dramatic scenes. Wedding photography creates the photos to make you remember your wedding forever, and all this is in the hands of the photographer you will hire.

Things To Ask From A Wedding Photographer

To evaluate how good they are in taking photos, you must ask them these 3 important things:


· Sample of work

It is easy for anyone to claim that he can produce great photography, but it is the actual photos that can speak about that. Ask for samples of photos he has taken, particularly at weddings. See how he captures moments, faces and expressions. If you are satisfied with what you see, you may want to include him in your shortlist. You can also check on his work through his website or social network accounts if he has any.

· References

For weddings, you must not only be particular with the moments they can capture but also their professionalism, do they arrive on time, do they give instructions clearly, etc. All this information you can get by asking the people who they directly work with. Ask the photographers for references or contact information of their most recent clients. Call the names they provide and make sure to introduce yourself and the purpose of your call immediately.

· Their availability

Their availability is also important to ask when speaking to a wedding photographer. The best wedding photographers are always fully booked, hence if you are decided on getting a specific photographer you know is very good with what he does, hire him immediately. If he is not available on your wedding day, make sure to look for a replacement immediately.

Do not settle for the second best when it comes to your wedding photography.

Factors To Consider When Deciding For Your Wedding Photography

With the many wedding photographers to hire, choosing which one to hire may not come easy. You have to decide wisely or else, you might end up with photographs that are good as nothing. Wedding photography is very important and it should capture every moment and almost everyone, hence deciding on the company to work on this job is necessary:


· Expertise

This you have to consider, not all photographers are good at wedding photography, some are better on birthdays, corporate events, etc. You are hiring for a wedding, hence it is only fair that you choose the one who is an expert on it. A wedding is far different from any other occasion, as it is full of emotions that are necessary to be taken. A wedding photographer knows what photos to take and which memories to keep.

· Cost

Of course, you have to consider the cost of this service. You should not mind hiring the company or professionals who charge higher than the rest if they can produce spectacular photos. But, you also have to keep in mind that not all companies that charge high are better than those who are charging cheap. Make sure that you always value your money by the worth of service you will receive.

You can always window shop and get the best rate. You should go beyond their prices, as you also have to check the package, inclusions, quality of work and the photographer’s professionalism.

· Level of comfort

One of the things you need to consider when thinking about wedding photography is the level of your comfort. You would not want to hire anyone who will not give you the ease to pose in front of the camera. Choosing a photographer that can let you showcase your personality freely, is a good choice. Hence, it is highly suggested that you sit and talk with them before finally hiring their service.


It is also suggested that you let them take a few photos of you before the wedding itself so you would know how well you register on his camera, and at the same time, the photographer would know your best angles.


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