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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Planner


Wedding planning could be very tiring and stressful at the same time. Good if the couple can devote all their time and effort to prepare for their wedding, but life has to continue for them. As they prepare their wedding, they need to go to work, do their domestic responsibilities and so on. The wedding planner is there to ensure that some of the stresses on the couple’s back will be transferred to them, so the couple can enjoy an easier path towards their big day.

There are many wedding planners around available to hire, hence the challenge on who to hire may not come easy. Of course, you want to work with the top caliber wedding planner in the industry as you want your wedding to be the best and most memorable not just for you but for your guests as well.

This article will help you spot on the best wedding planner today,

Tips In Finding The Wedding Planner To Hire

If you were able to hire the best wedding planner, you are almost close to success in turning your wedding to an event to remember by everyone. To help you get started, below are some of the things you need to consider when hiring a wedding planner:

Ask! Ask! Ask!

Asking is your key to ensure that the wedding planner you are about to hire suites your requirements and qualifications and can help you plan and execute the wedding you are dreaming for years. Never limit yourself from asking them either through a telephone call, email or chat. Some of the questions you need to ask are:


Their time availability

Check on their availability and time they work. Is their schedule favorable to yours? Can they meet you when you are free? Are they working Mondays through Sundays or only during the weekdays? Do you need to adjust to their schedule? Their availability is essential so you know whether you can call them in your free time or you have to adjust.

Number of years they are providing such service

How long have they been providing services for weddings? The longer they are providing wedding services, the better, as their experience can help them in finding solutions to any problems that could come along the way.


Can they refer you to a catering service, photographer, wedding host and singer, venue, etc.? Their connections can help you in organizing your wedding faster and easier.

· Ask for recommendations

Ask for recommendations from friends, relatives or anyone you know have had an encounter with a wedding planner. Referrals from them can help you a lot in choosing the best planner to hire. They will either encourage or discourage you to hire a wedding planner, make sure their suggestion will count as there is no more reliable information than from people with first-hand experience.


  •  Schedule an appointment

Filter your options to three to four wedding planners and set up an appointment with them. Do not worry as scheduling an appointment does not mean that you are obligated to hire their service. You have all the time in the world to decline if you are not satisfied with the conversation you have had with them. Some of the things you need to look into when talking to them are:

  •  Your overall comfort level when speaking with them

You must be comfortable when dealing with them. You have to be very open in terms of communicating what you want to see during your wedding. If you are not comfortable, then there is no reason why would you leave your luck to them.


 How trustworthy they are

Wedding planners are not only responsible for planning the wedding, but you will also leave with them all your valuable belongings, including wedding rings, checks for the suppliers, even cellphones. If you do not think they are worth your trust, then without thinking twice, find someone else.

Are they open for suggestions?

It is your wedding; hence it is only right that the wedding details are coming from you. Of course, they can give their inputs but that must not limit you from giving your opinions and what you want to see at the wedding.

 Get a contract

Once you found the right wedding planner for you, it is time that you sit with them and sign a contract. Make sure that you have a contract binding the agreement that you have had during your meeting. The contract must have all the details, like their responsibilities prior, during and after the wedding, the terms of payment, a guarantee of work, etc.

Take as much time as you can when dealing with wedding planners as they can help you not only with the preparation but also in making your fairytale dream come true.

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