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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Winter Weddings


Winter weddings could be utterly romantic and magical, but there are some things to consider to ensure that your most awaited moment will not get spoiled. Do not panic as all the winter wedding issues are not huge and can be avoided if planning is done rightfully.

This article is all about winter weddings, the pros and the cons, things to remember, and more.

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The Pros

  • Let your day amplified with a white snowfall

If you have chosen the right timing, you can enjoy a white wedding perfectly to complement any color. Any color pops out if the world is neutralized. The fresh snowflakes do not only boost colors but the lighting too. You would have the best wedding photos during this season.

  • Winter wedding offer tons of options

Having tons of options during your wedding day is a sure way to make the event worth remembering. Winter lets you offer hot cocoa, tea and coffee bars, loaded dessert tables, and ample options of comfort foods. Your guests will never feel unsatisfied, leaving your wedding.

  • l It can make you creative

Some people think that a winter wedding can be limiting, but with creative minds everything is possible. If you still want to pursue your dream outdoor wedding, you can provide tents, canopies, or portable heaters. You can also serve champagne right away.

  • This season can help you with your budgeting

This is one of the slowest seasons for weddings, hence vendors give their services at a cheaper price, and the same goes for the rental fees and accommodations. With this, you can enjoy the same kind of wedding at a cheaper price.

And since vendors and venues are not busy, hiring the best photographers, and renting the best venue is possible even if you make an appointment or reservation at a later time.

If you are not convinced yet about winter weddings, the pros can make you realize that a winter wedding is a good choice.

The Cons

As previously discussed, the cons are just a few and minimal, but needless to say, considering them is still necessary.

  • Do not expect perfect attendance for weddings held in winter season

If this is the season you plan to tie the knot, you are competing with the Christmas holidays, and with this, not everyone may be able to attend your wedding. Some will just send you gifts on the mail as they are traveling home or somewhere else to celebrate the yuletide season.

  • Sending invitations at an earlier time is a must

If you want your family and friends to attend your wedding, make sure that invitations are sent far earlier than the actual date of the wedding. But, sending invitations earlier is still not a guarantee of high attendance.

Worry not as much as your closest friends and relatives would never let this special occasion pass.

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  • Venues that are snow-focused are great but unfortunately, not all the time

There is nothing to adore with winter weddings, but you have to keep your fingers crossed as storms may come and transportation due to snow may be hard.

  • Daylight is not too generous during this season

As much as you want to make your wedding celebrations longer, it is not possible as the sun sets earlier than usual. This is a dilemma that both the bride and groom and the organizers face, they need to squeeze in all important details of the wedding in a short time.

  • Multiple layers of clothing may not be enough to keep you warm

Although there are jackets available to pair up with your wedding gown, it is difficult to find a jacket to match with your gown perfectly. The freezing temperature of winter is hard to beat.

Tips To Make A Winter Wedding Successful

  • Invest in accessories perfect for winter

Winter can be extremely cold, and winter accessories can keep you warm. A cape, a cardie or a faux fur scarf can do a good job giving you the comfort that you need. You may also want to consider a long-sleeved wedding gown.

  • Do not forget beauty preparation

Dry skin and chapped lips are unavoidable during this season. Keeping your lips and face moisturized is a good way to make you look beautiful throughout the event.

  • Keep your wedding outfit suitable for winter

You can wear stylish boots on your wedding day instead of stilettos, and under your wedding gown, you can wear thick tights to keep you warm.

  • Consider just one venue

During the winter season, traveling can be a big challenge. Choosing a venue where you can hold both, the ceremony and the reception is a good idea.

  • Light up candles

Darkness will come early during winter, and to give light to the event, lighting up romantic candles is a good idea. By doing so you are giving light to the venue and at the same time adding romance in the air.

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