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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Accessorizing the Groom

Yes, the bride in her gown steals the show on the wedding day. However, as a groom, you do not have to be left behind. This is not like any other day where you get to put on a suit and leave the house. You need a dashing look for your wedding too. You need to invest time in your attire and look at various options you can use to accessorize. Remember, as a groom, too many accessory pieces can steal from your overall look. You want to settle for the best look. How formal your wedding is can be one of the things you need to consider when choosing your attire.

We will now look at the various things you can use to accessorize.


The Face

In as much as every eye is on the bride, you need to take care of your skin for the big day. You can start going through a skincare routine for the big day. Whether you have a beard, mustache, or you keep a clean-shaven look, you need to try out any styles you have in mind a few weeks before the wedding. You do not want to be trimming your beard to test out a new look on the wedding day. Things can go horribly wrong. Also, go for something that the bride has seen and liked before.


The bars/ tie clip

If you are wearing any other metals, you can choose a tie clip or bar to have a more elegant look. Not only does it bring cohesion to your look, but it also keeps your tie from falling. Fashion experts advise that you keep the tie in silver or gold. You need to remember that matching the metals, watches, cufflinks, and belt buckle creates a great look that is clutter-free.


Bow ties

You can get a bow tie in a similar color to that of the bridesmaids to have that unique look. In cases where your wedding shirt is pleated, it is advisable to wear a bow tie. The same goes for choosing to wear a tux.  This is mostly informal themed weddings, and a black bow tie is recommended.



You can go for an elegant formal look for your wedding when you wear a cravat. You can also choose to wear an ascot, which refers to a cravat worn inside the shirt’s neck to have that relaxed look for the wedding. This can help you to stand apart from your groomsmen.



Neckties are versatile, and they can fit any occasion. How you choose the patterns, knots, or materials can make the tie fit any wedding from an extremely formal theme to a casual themed wedding. Ensure that you tie the knot befitting how formal your wedding is. If you have a casual theme, you can go for a tie with a pattern with some shades that correspond with the colors of the day. This can even coordinate with the bridal party colors. You can check with the bride if the neckties of the groom’s party complement her bridal party colors. If you are in a tux and cannot go for a bow tie look, you can wear a black silk tie.


Pocket squares

A pocket square can bring your personality to your wedding day attire. If the goal is a more unified and formal appearance, you can wear a pocket square matching your tie. If this is not the case, you can use different colors but ensure that they match the colors of the day. The pocket square also needs to be of a different material than the jacket. For your wedding, you can go for a silk pocket square. It is good to remember to use plain color if you are dressed in a boutonniere or shiny lapel. You also need to consider the fold of the pocket square.


Belt and suspenders

Wearing a belt will depend on whether the pants fit perfectly. Also, this is not required if your choice is a tux. The formality of the wedding will also determine whether you will need a belt. Suspenders can be worn in both formal and casual weddings. You should not wear a belt and suspender at the same time.


Watches and pocket watches

The watch adds to your personality. However, you can check with your bride to see if your chosen piece coordinates with her jewelry choices. If she wears gold, you can go for a gold piece, and If her choice is silver, you can go for a silver watch or pocket watch.


Cufflinks and lapel pins

You need to choose the best cufflinks on the occasion as they add to your personality. You can have them engraved with the date of the wedding. You can also select a lapel pin to add an elegant appearance to your look. It can either be flashy or plain, depending on your preference.



For a casual beach wedding, this might not be a big consideration as your feet could be deep in the sand. However, for most weddings, the choice of shoe matters. Your choice can range from a soft pink to complement the brides look to more traditional black or brown leather shoes.


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