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Advantages Of Morning Weddings

Advantages Of Morning Weddings

Considering disadvantages and advantages of Morning Weddings? Or maybe you’re thinking of a perfect wedding dress to wear on your big day? Sure, what you want is to be the most beautiful on this special day. Wearing a beautiful gown, applying make up to perfect to your skin type and fixing your hair that complements your face is a good idea.

Apart from looking beautiful, which by the way is very important for you to achieve, you also have to think of other specifics of your wedding, like the perfect place to hold your wedding, the perfect season and yes, the perfect time. You can choose to have it done whenever you want, morning, afternoon or the evening.

The time when to hold your wedding differs on your preference, the season and your theme. You may be thinking why morning and not in the evening when almost all weddings happen? To help you understand that this is your best choice, here are some of the things you need to know about morning weddings.

Who are the people celebrating morning weddings?

There are many couples who prefer morning weddings, and they are:

  • Casual couples who love an easy and laid-back atmosphere
  • Couples that are celebrating their 2nd marriage
  • Old couples
  • Couples that prefer a more cost efficient/effective wedding
  • Couples who prefer a lot of children on their wedding

Apart from the above, there are some couples who just simply prefer morning weddings, hence they turn to this option.

Moving on, there are many reasons why people turn to morning weddings, they come in many advantages that you may not be aware of. To know its advantages, read below:

Advantages Of Morning Weddings

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  • Venues are more available during this time

Since morning is not the most popular time in weddings, expect that venues during this time are mostly available. You will not have a hard time finding a venue to celebrate this special day because almost all venues are available. You will not get disappointed as the venue you are targeting to use for your wedding is available even if you make a reservation a few months before your big day.

  • You can capture beautiful wedding photos

Morning sunlight can definitely create a more pure, beautiful, bright and sweet photos. You may think that 10:30 in the morning can be very early, but after you see the result of photos taken in the morning, you will definitely thank yourself for waking up early. Photos are bound to last forever, hence it is only fair that you exert efforts to capture beautiful photos.

  • You can serve brunch!

Everyone loves brunch and there is a lot to offer during this time. Some of the most popular brunch served in weddings are gourmet teas and coffees, scones, doughnuts, mimosas, sandwiches and a lot more! Your guests will surely have a great time eating food that will grace their tables.

Same as with your cake, as you can choose from the widest options of cakes that are not as appealing at night but are very generous in the morning. Some of the unique cakes to consider are blueberry muffin cake or cinnamon roll cake.

  • It is more affordable

To all aspects about weddings, morning weddings are more affordable. The venue does not charge as much in the morning as compared to night time. Also, the food is not as expensive compared to dinner when you have to serve full meals.

You sure would not want an expensive weddings as there are so much expenses you have to think about after you tied the knot like building a new home, saving for your soon to be children, maybe a new car and a lot of other things. Also, why would you spend more if the fun you can achieve in the morning is almost the same as when you celebrate your wedding in the evening?

  • Get an early head start for your most awaited honeymoon

Since the wedding will end early, you have more time to spend quality time with your loved one. You can actually have your honeymoon right after your wedding. This is indeed a great idea if you are just so excited to spend that great night with your now husband.

  • You can wear a more free-spirited and comfortable dress

Of course, the bride can still choose a wedding gown but she can go a bit casual if she wants. It is not just the bride and the groom that can go casual but the guests too. Ultimately, it is the bride and the groom who can decide on the theme they will choose for their wedding. Instead of wearing a long dress with a heavy trail you can wear little white dress.

  • You will enjoy a longer party time!

And since the party started early, you have all day to party! You are actually not sacrificing partying when you do your wedding in the morning as you can still do it. Lead by the groom and the bride, they can drink mimosas and dance until they drop.

It is all about how the couples set the mood of their wedding.

Easy Schedule to Follow

Just to help you schedule your morning weddings, here are some of the things to consider:

7:00AM: The groom, bride and the entire wedding party will wake up

7:30AM: The preparation should start

9:00AM: This is when the bridal party photos will be taken

10:00AM: The wedding ceremony starts

10:20AM: The announcement that the groom and the bride are now husband and wife

10:30AM: Mimosa will start while the groom and the bride take photos

11:30AM: The Bridal Party will be introduced as they enter the reception hall/area

11:45AM: Toasts and meals

12:30PM: Cake, mingling, partying and dancing will happen

01:30PM: The couple may or may not exit but basically the wedding reception program ends

After the wedding reception program the couple can decide to continue with a party or start their honeymoon.

There are so many things you have to know about your wedding, and here is a guide you can follow – The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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