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Wedding sponsors

All You Need To Know About Wedding Sponsors

Wondering what you need to know about wedding sponsors? There is nothing better than celebrating your wedding free of charge, having a free wedding dress and tuxedo, free wedding cake and even free honeymoon trips. You almost think that having sponsors is giving you free glamorous and elegant wedding and for sure, when you hear the word free, you want to take advantage of it soon!

But of course, not everyone is given the opportunity to wed free of charge, there are strategies you have to consider to get this opportunity. You may think that wedding sponsorship is impossible, but actually it is. Read our blog on All You Need To Know About Wedding Sponsors to know more about wedding sponsorship, how and where to get them.

What Things in Your Wedding You Can Consider Wedding Sponsors

Wedding Sponsors

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  • Limousine companies
  • Suit and dress rental companies
  • Printing companies and invitation makers
  • Travel agencies
  • DJs
  • Wedding favors
  • Wedding cakes
  • Restaurants and dinner halls
  • Churches
  • Reception halls
  • Catering companies
  • Florists
  • Videographers
  • Photographers

Imagine if you were able to get all of the above, you can enjoy a wedding that is complete without spending a dollar.

Ways to Find the Right Wedding Sponsor

You might be thinking that it is hard but actually it is not. Searching for a sponsor is like searching a normal vendor where you pay their service. They are almost everywhere, you just have to do your research. All you have to do is use your search engine and click in your search like you are searching for a restaurant to dine in a new state.

So the best you can do is find some local companies serving weddings, you can ask your family and friends for recommendations, visit malls and as previously discussed, you can search on different shops online. Collect all their email addresses and phone numbers so when you get home, you can call them when needed.

How to Make Them Say Yes

This is the tricky part, and actually, it is not easy to convince the vendors to say yes to your proposal. Of course, they will spend a lot from your wedding and get nothing in return. So, how to make the deal right?

General thumb rule: Think of what you can do for them.

What can you do to make their business succeed? Of course, they are doing this to get more exposure and potentially be more successful in their chosen field. So here is what All You Need to know to get Wedding Sponsors:

Hold a huge wedding

  • Yes of course, the more eyes on the wedding, the better their exposure. They want a larger audience and they can only achieve it with weddings that are huge. Do not worry though, as if you win vendors by this, you do not have to spend a dollar to celebrate a big wedding

Make a wedding blog

  • Let them know that you are planning for a blog where you will document all information about your wedding and mention the names of those who helped her have a good wedding


  • Put the company logo and branding on your wedding invitations. It does not need necessarily be in the front, you can have it at the back so it won’t look promotional or tacky
  • Put company logos and branding on napkins
  • Apart from your initials, write the name of your sponsors n your wedding favors

Promotional Items

  • Have a gift bag and include promotional items your sponsors give you, including their credit cards. Be creative and do everything necessary to make them visible to many
  • If you are running a business, a coffee shop, or something else, promote your target wedding sponsors by displaying their business logo anywhere visible to your customers. You can have it placed in the cash register or anywhere else it is appropriate to place them
  • You also have to agree that you will promote their business to your family and friends. You have to show them copies of emails you sent
  • If you are targeting a specific caterer, bar or doughnut shop, let them have their own stall at your wedding, it does not necessarily big but at least enough to make them be noticed and let your guests try what they can offer

When you call a sponsor or send them an email make sure that you will define the benefits they can get from sponsoring your wedding well. Highlight things you can do for them and make sure to focus on it.

Is There Any Downside of Getting Sponsors

Is there a real downside of getting wedding sponsor? It is free so is there anything else to make you think twice about it? Maybe none. But actually there is, so you have to be careful when dealing with it. Just to give you a few of the downside of having a sponsored wedding, read below:

  • People may think that you are completely broke

Yes, there are times that people went over to what they are supposed to say. Immediately, you may become the talk of the town, unfortunately, with bad reputation. If you made it right, there is no reason why your guests must notice that it is completely sponsored. Also, never invite people you know are there to talk behind your back.

  • Your wedding may look like a store window

And because you have to make sure your sponsors are well recognized, you might end up having a wedding that seem like a shopping mall. Sponsorships everywhere and it may not look too fun.

  • It may need a lot of time to get sponsors

If you are planning your wedding in a rush, considering sponsorship may not be the most ideal as sponsors may take a little time to reply and decide whether they will say yes or no to your request.

Anyway, there are so many things you can get from free sponsorship so there is completely no reason why would you not get it. We hope now you know everything You Need To Know About Wedding Sponsors. For more wedding tips, read the The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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