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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Alternatives For Wedding Flowers

Excited about your wedding celebration? We know how stressful the preparation can be, and that’s why we want to help you out along the way! Together we can plan the most memorable celebration for you and your partner, covering all the essential topics – like which wedding dress you will wear on your big day, of course! There are so many types and styles to choose from, and choosing what you will wear on your big day is not an easy decision. But there’s so much more to think about apart from your wedding dress, like your bouquet and centerpieces. Flowers can be costly, and they can easily become a huge percentage of your budget. Hence why some couples find other workarounds to replace flowers.

There are many alternatives to flowers you can consider, and to help you with it, we’ve collected 10 of the best non-flowers options. Let’s get started!!!


  • Wheat
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Photo Credit: Image by PublicDomainArchive from Pixabay

While it may not be your first thought, dried wheat can replace flowers perfectly, especially for weddings held during the fall season. Dry wheat and make it a beautiful alternative, not just for your bouquet but as a centerpiece as well. You can even have your bridal party hold some dry wheat and tie it with a lovely ribbon! Easily match your ribbon colors to match your wedding theme, and everything will tie together effortlessly.

Burlap table runners can also make a beautiful addition to match with wheat – and it could take a rustic wedding up a notch!


  • Brooch

You might not have heard of a brooch bouquet before, but actually, this flower alternative is symbolic and personalized. Invite your friends and relatives to donate one of their brooches, and they can be put together to create a beautiful bouquet.

If you are not able to collect enough, you can buy some online or in department stores. Worry not as much, because even if you buy them, they will be much more affordable than fresh flowers.


  • Felt papers

You might remember a time when your teacher asked you to create artwork using felt. The versatility of this type of paper makes crafting very easy, and yes, it can create beautiful flowers for you to have at your wedding as well, believe it or not.

They come in different colors, and they can be shaped into practically any flower you want. With the added benefit of being a lot more affordable than fresh flowers, this arrangement could be the perfect fit for your wedding.’


  • Vegetables

Leafy vegetables like kale can indeed make a lovely bouquet. Leafy vegetables come in different variations, and you can consider grouping them together to create an eco-friendly bouquet. You won’t even have to worry about throwing any of it out, as you can use it for cooking afterward.

Other than bouquets, you can also use vegetables to create a beautiful centerpiece. You would never expect how beautiful this could turn out. A few arrangements and ribbons, and voila, you have the best wedding centerpiece and bouquet on your hand.


  • Baby breath

Yes, everyone knows that baby breath is a type of flower, but they are only used as fillers most of the time. This less financially burdening alternative will give you an excellent wedding bouquet or even a centerpiece. They look fresh and lively and add a clean and elegant touch to your wedding, especially when they come in a bunch!

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Credit: green and white bouquet from CherryTreeFloral.

  • Silk

One of the closest alternatives to real fresh flowers is flowers made of silk. They also come in different colors and can be shaped into any flower you wish. They will surely give others the impression that you are holding fresh flowers even if you are not.


  • Button

Not something ordinary, but a really great alternative to fresh flowers is a button bouquet. Their main benefit is that they can be kept for a very long time without changing their appearance. Buttons can surely turn your wedding into something simple to extraordinary, unique, and playful.


  • Fans

Instead of giving your wedding party flowers, give them fans instead. Trust us, they will look glamorous and elegant. Let them spread the fan as they walk in the aisle, and you can hold a fan too, but if you want to be different, you can opt to have flowers instead.


  • Tissue papers

Yes, of course, tissue paper can also be a candidate for flower alternatives. Although it can be torn very easily so you must be careful when holding it.


  • Book

Instead of using flowers as a centerpiece, why not use books instead. There are many books available in bookstores that look vintage and nice. You can also have your favorite books displayed as centerpieces just to make your wedding more personalized.


Benefits of Using Flower Alternatives

If you’re not convinced yet, but you are looking for a flower alternative, keep reading, and let’s see if we can change your mind!


  • They’re not seasonal

Unlike flowers, flower alternatives will never go out of season. Some flowers bloom in winter, while others during the summer, and rather than plan your wedding around your preferred flower choice, whichever alternative you select will fit in any time of the year!


  • It is unique

People are used to seeing flowers at weddings! If you opt to incorporate a flower alternative, it’ll give your wedding a unique and memorable element that can be made personal for you and your partner! As an addition, it’ll be a nice treat to wow your guests with a one-of-a-kind display!


  • They’re more affordable

One of the main reasons you may be looking for a flower alternative is the cost, and there is no doubt that our options listed above are within a more reasonable price point than the real deal. You do not have to worry about a large chunk of your budget being put towards flowers anymore. Instead, you can use the money saved and put it towards your other wedding expenses.


  • They won’t dry up
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Flowers, unless preserved, will not last for a long time, but their alternatives can let you keep them for a long time or even forever. You can even have another bride use it if you want. The longevity of these options is what makes them such a great selection to choose from.

Good luck with the planning, and if you’re looking for more tips for your upcoming wedding, visit The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.

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