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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Benefits When both The Groom And The Bride Are Planning For The Wedding

After the proposal and the engagement party, it is time to make serious planning about the wedding. You start with the planning as to when and where the wedding will take place, your wedding dress and your partner’s attire and so on. There are some couples who leave all the planning and decision making to just one of them, it is actually possible but unfortunately not the right way to do it.

There are a lot of good things why both of the couple should be participating actively with the wedding preparation, and to help you understand the benefits further, read this article.

Advantages of both of the partner planning for the wedding

Why would not one take all the responsibilities of wedding planning? Here are some of the things you need to know:

  • The wedding would reflect couples identity and style

Of course, it is the wedding of the both of them, hence it is only necessary that they are both involved in the selection process and their style and identity should both reflect in the wedding. Like when choosing a wedding ring, this should be done by the couple as if only one decides, it may not reflect the other one’s sense of style.

The theme, the venue, the food and anything else about the wedding should be reflective to both of them.

You would not want other people talking behind your back, that one is dominant than the other which in reality, it just so happens that one fails to participate highly in the wedding planning process.

  • Gender stereotype will be gone

Who says that man cannot decide on the right center table to use or the right flower to incorporate on their wedding or the right color scheme and so on? Who says woman cannot decide on the right engine and type of wedding car to be used? Gone by the days when the wedding preparation is separated to the bride and the groom. Both can give their opinion to anything about their wedding.

Perhaps, some of the things they can take their hands off are bachelor and bachelorette’s party, the wedding gown of the bride, and anything else of the like.

By having both parties involve in the wedding preparation gender stereotyping will surely get smashed.

  • It prevents one from creating resentment

Wedding planning and preparation can be highly stressful and time demanding, if only one absorbs all the stress, the drama and the problems along the way, he/she might go insane before the wedding day. Make sure that stress is shared fairly to both of the couple, as if the stress is only handled by one person, it can never be easy.

Same as when one’s decision is not being recognized and counted, he/she feels being left out of his/her own wedding.

Everything should be fair to both parties, it is not fair if only one is taking all the stress of the wedding preparation and at the same time it is not also fair when the other one is being left out with the preparation and planning.

  • This will guarantee that everyone in the event is happy and satisfied

And because both of of them are voicing their opinions and is being considered, you can expect that everyone, from the family of the bride and family of the groom to her friends and his friends, will be happy. There is no one who can understand better than those who belong to their circle. If it is the bride who will decide on everything, she will base all her decisions on what her family and friends want.

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With this you can be assured that interests of parties of both sides are taken.

  • It helps strengthens the relationship

As they face different family drama, resolve different issues, decide on many things about the wedding, their relationship through teamwork strengthens. This will also give them the opportunity to know each other a lot more. This will discover many things about each other, like what she wants, what he wants, and what the other one values and give high importance too. There can be many disagreements along the way, and this can test how they can clear misunderstandings and differences. This is a good training ground as they face the real world of married life.

Why would you skip this process together if it can make you prepare as a couple or as husband and wife?

  • It is great fun

Yes, it is. Wedding planning and preparation can be stressful but it is really fun and exciting. Imagine deciding on the right vendor to hire, going to different venues, meeting different people, tasting food and cakes, trying different things, taking photos and so on.

If one from the couple did not experience the fun this wedding planning brings, they are missing half of their life,

  • No one will be blamed

Yes, since both made the decisions, there is no reason why one should be blamed. This is one of the reasons as well why it is highly advised that the couple decide on everything about their wedding together. You do not want fight during the wedding or a few days before the wedding because one is blaming the other for deciding wrongfully and one blaming the other because he/she was not there during the planning.

  • This can help the couple be more responsible and organized

Sure, with the many things that the couple needs to do, this activity will make them responsible. They will decide based on what they think is right and they will make sure that all agreement will be adhered too. This can also practice their organization skills as they have to be very organized to ensure that contracts are well kept.

There are so many wedding ideas that can help you become successful in your wedding planning, here is one link you can check: https://www.callablanche.com/post/the-ultimate-brides-survival-guide/


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