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Best Honeymoon Destinations in 2020

Best Honeymoon Destinations In 2020

Looking for Best Honeymoon Destinations In 2020? While several honeymoon locations tend to be great and remain popular like Italy, Hawaii, Tahitian Island, and Greece, other destinations have sprung up in 2020, which you should consider after your wedding day: that day, you will adorn yourself with the best wedding dress.

The new destinations have come up because of a social media sharing wave. There are so many destinations shared by honeymooners on their Facebook and Instagram platform which have spurred up all types of wanderlust. Before social media was the inner thing, these destinations were unheard of. Today, knowledge of their existence has spread like a bushfire across the internet.

What once used to be relatively unattainable and entirely exotic, is currently a honeymoon destination that is realistic for many couples. For example, an African safari, elephant playing in Thailand, and the Maldives.

At the moment, no one size fits all honeymoon destinations. Thus, with more options, each honeymoon destination can be tailored to your specific desires and interests. It is not only about the destination, but also ways of honeymooning have changed.

More couples tend to be choosing to put their honeymoon on hold to ensure that they spread out the money and time. Or maybe they are waiting for a specific season to travel. Some wait for more than six months after their wedding day. For example, waiting to go when the season and the weather are perfect for a specific destination.

As you wait for the right season and the weather to go for your honeymoon, the following are some of the Best Honeymoon Destinations In 2020 which travel agents think are on demand.


Honeymoon in Italy tends never to go out of fashion due to its romantic affair.  Though it is still as popular as ever, couples going for honeymoon are doing things differently. They prefer to go to Italy during the off-peak months, that is, April, May, September, and October. They do that to avoid the high prices during peak months and also large crowds.

What makes an Italian trip to be a great honeymoon hot spots? Wine and food of course, which also are the local culture insights. There are spots like II Boro in Tuscany. Moreover, it is both a working farm and a hotel as well as an artisan village.

It is a getaway that has become popular with the locals who visit it over the weekend. As guests to this spot, you can do everything! From wine tasting, cooking classes and viewing a unique collection of art to walking trails and the wellness experience.


Best Honeymoon Destinations in 2020

@chelseaarensphoto La Perle by Calla Blanche Stevie LP2009

For several years, this was not a hot spot for a honeymoon, especially considering its cold weather. But in recent years, it has become a destination for honeymooners that is more desirable.

There are a variety of expedition ships that keep on exiting the shipyards. Moreover, there are luxury line courts for those who are well-traveled. But it is important to note that the cruises are only for a short period. They are happening from November to March every year.

If you prefer seeing penguins to sandy beaches, then this might be the trip that you should take during your honeymoon. If you like cruising, then check out some of the luxury cruise ships which have a daily glacier sighting.


Though an old honeymoon destination, it is still preferred by honeymooners, with a variety of islands that you can pick from for incredible restaurants, stunning beaches, and a vibrant social scene found in Mykonos. You can experience a more local fishing village with great beaches found in Milos,Paros, or Naxos. In Los, you can have a great time experiencing luxury hotel stay, and some party vibes in mini Mykonos. There is also some relaxation and luxury you can get in Santorini.

South Africa

As many honeymooners search for new places where they could visit before settling down and have kids, faraway, exotic spots like South Africa tend to be trendy with each passing day. It might be a wise decision if you decided on such a destination as you can expect excitement,  adventure, stunning scenery, a vibrant culture, and wildlife.

In South Africa, expect to enjoy a lot of things: From safari drives at Kruger national park, hot air balloons over Kenya, shark diving at the Cape Point, getting spritzed by the Victoria Falls, tasting some of the best wine in the wine lands of South Africa, and enjoying some great luxury Nile Cruises.

Visiting South Africa will ensure that you combine the safari travel and the African luxury if you are a couple who wants to enjoy a home comfort while experiencing the side of Africa that is wild.  When it comes to where you will stay, go to Kruger National Park and stay at Londolozi Game Reserve in Sabi Sands, or you can opt for Cape Town’s House Cape Town.


You can never beat the pristine guarantee, luxury coupled with sandy beach oceans when having a honeymoon in the Maldives. It is an island chain that is off India’s southwest coast in the Laccadive Sea.  Having a trip to the Maldives is ideal if you want a honeymoon experience that will give you a laid back experience. You will be able to take a great sunset while relaxing in the pouch of a private villa.

From having to enjoy a private fishing trip using a traditional dhoni to a sunset sail to a world renown scuba diving, you will plan a personalized honeymoon that will match your interests.  If you desire to rejuvenate, then you should go to Maldives. Stay at Landaa Giraavaru’s Four Seasons Resort Maldives.


It is another retro classic! It seems to remain in style with more couples flocking to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Just the way their parents did! There are a lot of places to travel to, Glazer – Goldberg to make it a trip with multi-stop.

Whatever you want to choose for as your destination for your honeymoon, personalize it to meet you and your partner’s needs and desires. We hope you have found your fav in this Best Honeymoon Destinations In 2020. For more about honeymoon destinations, check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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