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How To Deliver A Father To Daughter Speech

How To Deliver A Father To Daughter Speech

Wondering how to deliver a father to daughter speech? Your wedding can be the most romantic and dramatic event of your life. Imagine yourself walking down the aisle wearing a very gorgeous wedding dress, while everyone around you is crying, and your knight and shining armor is waiting for you on the other end of the aisle. Tears will fall in your eyes and you will feel that your heart is about to explode because of so much happiness and love.

That can be the most dramatic moment during the wedding ceremony. However, another great moment of the wedding reception is the father delivering a speech to his most loved daughter. When the father is delivering a speech to her daughter, his daughter and all the guests will be in happy tears. But of course, it all depends on what the father would share and how he will deliver it.

So, yes, the father is about to give away his child that he has cared for a long time. His speech can be one of the highlights of the event, everyone is excited to hear what the father has to say with her daughter, his now son-in-law, and the rest of the guests.

Fathers must be stressed out as there are a lot of expectations on the speech he has about to deliver. Just to help him with his beautiful speech, here is a guide on how to deliver a father to daughter speech!

  • Thank the guest

The moment you hold the microphone, one of the things you have to say is “thank you”. Thank all the guests who made the event possible and the people who spent their time and effort to be there. Introduction of yourself must also happen in the first part of your speech. If you have some jokes to share about yourself, this is the best time you can deliver it. But, if you are a serious type and think that you cannot crack a joke successfully, you are free to skip this part.

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  • Mention the people who you and the bride and the other family members will be remembering

Giving tribute to a loved one or loved ones who are not there but would surely love to see your daughter tie the knot is a good idea. You can start by saying “your mother would love to see her beautiful daughter marry a man who will take care of her forever” etc. This is not necessary but definitely very nice and thoughtful.

  • Share some good (or even not so good) memories of her childhood

You may want to share a very special and memorable moment of your daughter’s childhood. Guests would love to hear how her childhood was.

You can explain the happiness you feel the moment you first carried her in your arms, or the time she performed a famous character when she was in the nursery. Using an anecdote to describe your relationship with her or her personality is a creative manner to do it.

  • Say something about your new son/daughter-in-law

Sure, a message for your son/daughter-in-law is also being waited upon by the guests for you to spill out. Thank him for making your daughter very happy. But of course, your preference is what you need to follow in this part.

You may want to share with the guests your initial reaction when you first met him/her. What did you feel? This can be serious or funny, it all depends on your relationship with your new child.

A warm welcome to the new member of the family is also nice to give away at this moment.

  • Give the newly wedded couple some advice

Now it is time to give the newly wedded couple advice that can help them. You are older and have had the experience, sharing with them advice is a good idea. Whether you are successful with your relationship or not as much, giving them advice is still necessary.

If you are married for a long time, it is nice to share your long-lasting relationship secret with the newly married couple. If your relationship fails, you may want to share with them anything you have learned that you think can help them survive their relationship.

Encouraging messages is best, let them know how beautiful it is to share life with someone you really love.

  • Why not use a quote?

Okay, you can share a nice quote. However, if you cannot think of an appropriate quote to share, scrap this part.

  • Give everyone a toast

And yes, there is no better way of ending your speech than giving everyone a toast. This is actually a crowd-pleaser and would help you end your speech with a bang. Invite everyone, all the guests and the couple too to have a toast. You also have to remind your daughter how much you love her and how proud you are of her. Also, this is the best time to tell your daughter how happy you are for her. Finally, welcome your new family member, take a sip on your glass, and hug the newlywed.

The Father of the bride may not find it easy to open up with his feelings. This is the best time to let your daughter know how much you love her.

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