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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Bridesmaid Luncheon 101

Before you started having an interest in attending weddings and got engaged, you were not aware that the wedding was just one among many events which lead to the D-day. You have your bachelorette party, wedding shower, the rehearsal dinner and then the wedding, which is the main event. But modern brides are adding more and more to the list including the bridesmaid luncheon. It is a girls-only event which happens before the wedding day.

It is an event that serves as a thank you from the bride to those who were involved with the planning of the wedding. Because all your favorite women are in a single place, the luncheon will be memorable and because it is intimate, it will provide you with an opportunity to share quality time before the main wedding day’s festivities set in.


Though you might think it is similar to a traditional wedding shower, it is different in that its center point is not the bride. Its focus is on all the women in the life of the bride, who happened to support her through her wedding planning process.


If you are considering having a bridesmaid luncheon, the following is how it should go:

  • When should you have the bridesmaid luncheon?: It should be done within the last week of the wedding day. But depending on where you are going to get married, it might not be possible. If you have a destination wedding, then it will be best to consider those who will need to travel so that you accommodate everyone.
  • Who should you invite to a bridesmaid luncheon?: It is up to you as a bride but it should be for the women who have made a great impact on your life. Most of the time, it might include the bride, matron or maid of honor, the flower girls, and the bridesmaid. You can also consider other close women relatives including mother in law, who are assisting in planning for the wedding.
  • What type of venue should you settle for as your bridesmaid luncheon? Depending on your vibe, there are several choices out there to pick from. Take into consideration your ambiances of choice, like a restaurant with a view or a chef’s table at your most preferred restaurant. You can also settle for a treat for your bridesmaids where you host them to great morning pedicures and mimosas or getting a private home where you celebrate with a hired personal chef.
  • What are some of the activities to engage in during the luncheon?: It is up to you to decide on this. Most of the bridesmaid luncheons include refreshments, a light lunch, and mingling. As the bride, you can give out gifts to your mother in law as well as the bridesmaids as a thank you for helping you prepare your wedding.

You can include a cake in the preparations which is normally pink in color and baked with a trinket or ring in it. The bridesmaid who gets the piece of cake with the ring is presumed will be the next one to get married.


Dos during bridesmaid luncheon

  • Focus on details: Because the luncheon is a more intimate event, you can utilize other ideas that you cannot use during your wedding. Go with handwritten name cards placed on stands, menus that are customized, decadent desserts, party favors, and anything else that you feel should be included.
  • Make it personal: You should look at this event as one which has allowed you to give back to close family and friends who spent their energy, time, and love in ensuring that your upcoming nuptials become a success. This is the main reason why you should make it personal.

Make the menu customized to include the group’s favorites. Within the course of the meal, prepare a surprise for them. Ensure you have your thank you speech well prepared so that you rehearse and be genuine when sharing your gratitude.

  • Eat cake: Though a traditional activity, it should never be skipped. Include a coin, ring, or trinket in the cake and whoever gets the cake piece with the ring is seen as the one who is blessed with love and most likely the next one to tie the knot.


Don’ts during bridesmaids luncheon

  • Don’t invite everyone: The purpose of the event is to thank those who are close to you. This means that you don’t have to invite all the female friends whom you have invited to the wedding. Whoever you invite is up to you, but the best way to draw the line is considering those who have played an active role in helping with your wedding planning and those who will take part in the main wedding ceremony.


With proper planning, a bridesmaid luncheon can be an activity that will leave memories to you and to those who attend it.


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