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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Buying The Right Wedding Ring

It is the wedding ring that will attest that a wedding took place, so, it is only right that buying it must not be done in a rush. Taking as much time as you need to make sure that the ring you will purchase is the best ring that will symbolize your love is necessary.

If buying a wedding ring is tedious and hard for you, here is a guide you can follow ensuring that you are making the right decision when it comes to buying the band that will signify your love and commitment to one another.


Buying The Right Wedding Ring

Here is a guide to consider when buying a wedding ring:

  • Narrow down your options

Before you put yourself in huge trouble going to a store and finding hundreds of rings to choose from, do a little research and pinpoint your options. When you visit a shop without a clear decision of the type of ring to buy, you are in deep trouble. This is a common mistake novice shoppers usually commit that ends up with them buying the wrong wedding bands.

There are just so many wedding rings in the market to choose from, and if you do not narrow your options down before going to a shop, you might get a ring that you will regret buying.

  • Buy wedding ring together

This is not like an engagement ring where the essence of surprise is a big deal. Bringing the engagement ring is highly recommended when shopping for the wedding ring as you want to make sure that the engagement ring will look perfect when worn together with it.

Also, by buying together, you can find the right fit of ring for the both of you.

  • Start early

As previously discussed, you have to give yourself enough time when shopping for a wedding band. There are just so many in the market and sorting out options to a few is not easy. Anyway, the size of the ring finger does not change a lot in time, so buying a few months before the wedding is not a big issue.

But needless to say if needed, resizing will only require a few days to finish.

  • Mix things up

Do not get limited with wedding rings that look identical. Gone are the days when his and hers wedding rings looked exactly the same. Now, you can mix and match colors, designs, and styles of the wedding rings. One ring can have a stone while the other one can be plain, one can be white gold while the other one can be yellow gold.

If this you consider, you are giving you and your partner the freedom to wear any ring of their choice. You do not have to fight on whose idea should be considered, as both of your likings can be pleased.

  • Set the right budget

Wedding rings can go for the most expensive to the cheapest you can think of. What is good for one couple may not be good for you, as the best ring for you to consider is a ring that you can afford. Even how good a ring is if it is something you cannot afford, taking that out of your options is suggested.

There are a lot of expenses you need to consider, not only for your wedding but more so after that, as building a family may need you to focus on building a home, planning for your children’s education, and a lot more of other expenses. With all these factors in consideration, buying anything that will go beyond what you can afford is something you must avoid.

  • Think long term

A wedding ring is something you will wear forever, hence thinking about the long term is a must. Buy a wedding ring that you can wear comfortably to any places you go to and to almost all the activities you do.

Finding a high-quality ring is recommended, as this can give you an assurance that it can stand long wear and tear. Worry not as much as not all cheap rings are low in quality. You just have to source out the right shops to buy wedding rings.

  • Consider maintenance

Another factor you have to consider when choosing a wedding ring is the level of maintenance necessary to keep the ring in pristine condition. Does it need regular cleaning from a professional or is a regular cleaning tool enough? It is best if you stick with a low maintenance ring so you do not have to mind cleaning it all the time.

  • Think about the size

Make sure that the size of the ring suits you right. You will be wearing it all the time, so considering a size that will not fall off when you are doing activities, or not gives your finger a choke is a must.


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