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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Choosing The Best Musicians

Any event, may it be a wedding, birthday or anniversary would never be fun, entertaining, and memorable without music. Music gives life to any event. So, for weddings this entertainment should never be disregarded. Of course, you can go with the DJ’s music but that should not be enough. Hiring a musician for more romantic and lively music is good to consider.

Some may not consider hiring a musician since it will just add up to their expense but knowing what musicians can offer any event, most especially weddings, their thought about it being an unnecessary expense will change.

Once you have decided to invite a musician at your wedding, you must decide right or else, all the benefits this added entertainment can offer will all vanish.


Guidelines Choosing A Musician To Perform At Your Wedding

With the many musicians around to hire, it can be challenging choosing who among them is best to make your wedding day enjoyable. To help you get started, below are some qualifications you want to consider when looking for a musician to hire:

  • Can sing a variety of songs

A wedding is not only about romantic music, as happy, lively and fun music is good too. Hire a singer who can perform a variety of songs without compromising the quality of his/her voice. You want versatility and assurance that he/she can cater to all your guests and different emotions in the event.

You can directly ask the performer of the genre he/she is comfortable to sing and perform.

  • Entertaining

Other than singing, it is nice if the musician you will hire is also entertaining and can set a happy mood. You would not want him/her to sing all the time, you also want him/her to hype the crowd up, share some stories, and make the event livelier.

To assess his/her abilities, you can always ask for videos of his/her previous performances or any uploaded videos online.

  • Affordable

The good news is, not all good singers come with a high price tag, some consider singing as a passion, therefore charge fairly. You can also negotiate for the price.

Some performers charge per song, while others charge per hour or per set. Make sure that this portion is all clear before finally deciding to hire his/her service.

  • Pleasant looking

Not a priority but if you can hire someone who has good features, you can go ahead and do so. It is not all about the physical appearance, his/her face or body but also how he/she dresses. You also want to make sure that he/she dresses appropriately for the occasion.


Things To Remind The Musician Before The Event

Now that you have decided on who among the wedding musicians to hire, it is now time to set expectations and sign an agreement. As previously discussed, the payment method is important to verify. Do they require advance payment or is it okay to pay half of the amount months before the event and the other half after they perform.

Also, if you are definite with the musician you will hire, it is best if you close the deal right away as good musicians are most of the time booked.

Moving on, below are some of the things you need to remind your hired musicians before the big event:

  • Wedding schedule and venue

You have to make sure that the musician plug the date of your event on his calendar. You do not want him/her to end up saying that there is a conflict on his/her schedule. Also, you have to tell him/her the venue of the event. You can provide a ride or a map, whichever is needed.

Stress to the musician that he/she should come to the venue on time.

  • Wedding theme

Just to make sure that he/she is dressed right, inform him/her about the wedding theme. By telling this to the performer ahead of time, they can prepare for the right clothing to wear on the event. Also, they will have an idea on the best songs to be performed at your wedding.

You may also want them to provide a list of songs they think is best for your special day.

  • Your wedding songs

If you have special requests, it should be told earlier to give them enough time to practice the song. You can blend your requests to the list they provide or you can have the ones they prepared.

  • Number of attendees and the crowd

You would not want them to get overwhelmed with a huge crowd, hence letting them know the size of your wedding is a good idea. Also, you may want to discuss the type of crowd they will expect, like the age range, etc., as this can help them decide on the right songs to sing and the right manner to connect with them.

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