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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Choosing The Best Wedding Perfume

Is everything ready on your big day? There are so many things you have to prepare and forgetting the little things like the perfume to wear can easily be forgotten. Apart from looking good at your wedding, it is also nice that you smell nice. Many people will come near you, kiss you, hug you, shake your hands and other gestures to show how happy they are for you. You do not want them to feel awkward because of your smell, trying not only to look good but also to smell fresh on your big day is without a doubt a necessity.

There are many perfumes in the market to choose from, and they all seem to smell perfect, but which of them has the best scent to wear on your big day? It can be challenging, but this article can guide you in finding the perfect perfume to wear at your wedding.


Guide to choosing the right perfume for your wedding

Here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a perfume to wear on your wedding day:

  • Not too strong

Please, avoid strong perfumes. Not everyone appreciates strong scents so choosing milder and pleasing scents is a good idea. Keep it neutral as you may come across someone allergic to perfumes or someone who hates a strong smell.

  • Choose perfume that can last for a long time

As much as you want to spray perfume on your neck, risk, or elbows, it is impossible during this very busy day. Use a perfume that is known to last for a long time and even after perspiration.

  • A perfume with a nice bottle

You may notice that in some photos and videos of weddings, perfumes are also captured. So, just in case your photographer requests for your perfume, you should not feel shy about it getting photographed.

If you are not okay with the bottle of the perfume of your choice, you can always transfer it to a nicer bottle.

Additional Tip: You may also want to have a spare bottle that can fit in your wedding pouch or pocket. This can give you easy access to your perfume when needed.

  • Suits the wedding theme

It is also nice if your perfume suits the theme of your wedding. Perfume comes in different scents, some perfumes smell fruity and citrusy, woody, floral, elegant, etc. If you are having a garden wedding, you can go for a floral, fruity or citrusy scent. If you want to do it at the beach, a good choice would be woodsy. If your type of wedding is elegant, you can go for an elegant scent. The bottom line, you have to make sure that your scent fits your wedding theme.

  • Price

As you know, some perfumes are expensive while there ones that are cheaper in price. Always go for what you can afford. Although it is essential for your wedding, going far beyond what you can afford is not recommended.

If you already have a perfume, buying is not necessary. Take your budget in high consideration when choosing the perfume to wear at your wedding.


Why Do You Have To Wear Perfume On Your Wedding?

Whether you are buying a new perfume or using your old bottles, wearing a nice scent of perfume at your wedding is a must.

Perfume is equally as important as other accessories in the wedding, so you must not take this for granted. There are many reasons why brides, even grooms, are highly encouraged to wear perfumes and to name them, read below:

  • To feel fresh

The only way you can feel fresh at your wedding is if you smell good. Of course, oiliness on the face, perspiration, uncomfortable gown, etc. can all make you feel irritated. Wearing a nice perfume can somehow refresh your feeling, especially if you are given time to give yourself a splash of your chosen perfume in the middle of your busy and stressful wedding day.

  • To impress your guests

Everyone will surely come near you on your wedding day, smelling good will impress your guests.

  • To attract your groom

One good reason why you have to wear perfume on your wedding day is to attract your groom. Of course, you have to look physically beautiful on your big day, what the perfume can do is boost your look and make you look more appealing.

Perfume is almost like the makeup applied on your face as it can change your appearance and enhance your beauty.

  • To feel confident

If you smell good, you will not think twice or feel shy giving a hug back to your guests. You will feel more confident about yourself. For some women, smelling good makes them feel beautiful.


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