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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Choosing The Right Photo Booth

A wedding is an event worth keeping forever. This event is not just for the couple, but also for people who share this momentous occasion with them. As a bride, it is not only your wedding gown you have to focus on, you also have to think about entertainment for your guests.

One of the most popular, not just to weddings but other occasions too, is photo booths. This is where guests can take their photos and bring home as souvenirs. But, among the many photo booths around offering such service, which of them is best to hire?

Hiring the first to offer this service is not the most ideal, as it is not only costly but it also gives a wedding its highlights.


How to find the best photo booth to hire

Here are some of the things you need to look into when hiring photo booth services:

  • Meet their team

Even how good their photo booth is, if their team is not accommodating and friendly, it is useless. Meet their team and see how well they communicate with their clients. Ask them questions, like how they invite guests to try their photo booth and what kind of assistance do they provide their guests.

  • Check their props

Can they provide enough props for your guests to use? If you are not satisfied with their available props, you can bring your own. But, you have to remind the team members who will handle your wedding photo booth to watch over your belongings and make sure to bring it back to you.

  • Special features

Some photo booths have special features for added excitement. Instead of plain boards, some booths have a huge LCD screen that features a couple’s prenup photos or previous photos taken during the event. Take advantage of booths with special features as having one can add appeal to your wedding.

  • Length of time they will service the event

One of the things you need to look into is the length of time they will be at the event to provide service. It is best if they can stay for longer hours so more guests can be accommodated. Some photo booths charge extra for extended hours, thus knowing the number of hours included in your contract is necessary so you would know whether extra hours are needed or not anymore.

  • How would you receive images

For guests, they can get their actual photos after a few minutes their photos are taken. For couples, on the other hand, they may need to provide an external drive to save all photos or they can access it through the supplier’s website or social media account. Asking how to receive images is also necessary to ensure you can reminisce every moment at your wedding any time you want to.


Things to consider for your wedding photo booth

There are also some factors you need to look into ensuring that your photo booth will work to its purpose. Some of these factors are:

  • Number of guests

How many guests are you expecting? If you are planning for a very small and intimate wedding, a photo booth may not be necessary. Meanwhile, if you are expecting a huge crowd, make sure that the time you allot for photos to be taken on the booth is enough to accommodate all guests. You sure want to give everyone the chance to strike a pose in front of the camera and bring home something that can make them reminisce of how beautiful your wedding is.

  • Crowd

Do your guests love photo booths? Do you think this activity is something they can appreciate and enjoy? Although the photo booth is very exciting and fun, not everyone is attracted to it. Some guests do not have the patience to wait in line or not too okay posing and making fun of themselves. If you think that this activity won’t attract your crowd, better not consider it to avoid wasting money.

  • Wedding theme

There are many wedding themes to consider for your wedding, and your photo booth should blend well to the one you choose. The look of your wedding photo booth must complement the overall feel of your wedding. It is best if you speak with your provider earlier on what you expect in their booth.

  • Time for guests to access your booth

Guests can be too busy in the booth, hence forgetting about the wedding program. There are parts of the program that the couple would love all their guests to see like the first dance, toast, etc. If you failed to allot time as to when your guests can access the booth, you might end up dancing with your husband in an empty room. Instruct the team on what time they can open the booth for the guests and what time to close.


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