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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Choosing The Right Wedding Car

One of the most important but most neglected part of the wedding is the bridal car. Some think that it is not as necessary, since unlike wedding dress a bridal car would only be seen for a few minutes. But, is it really not important? Come to think of it, a bridal car is not only used to transport the bride to the ceremony area and the groom and the bride on the reception hall, but it is also used as a props in wedding photos.

Everything that is part of your wedding are important, there are some though that are more important than others and there are some which are less important. The classification on which among the wedding requirements are more important than the others is highly dependent on the couple’s preference. If they see that the venue is more important than the food, then so be it and so on.

Needless to say, a bridal car is an essential part of a wedding, so it is only fair if you take all possible considerations when choosing which one to use.

To help you in this task, below are some of the things you must consider when looking for a bridal car to use on your big day.

  • Significance of the car

People can easily determine what type of couple you are based on the car you choose. Like for older couples, they may choose vintage cars while for younger ones, they may prefer the more modern cars. Other factors to consider when choosing a car is its value or significance to your relationship. Like your dream car or your most loved car on a car show you visited last time.

  • Comfort

If the bride is wearing a huge gown, make sure that the bridal car can let her sit in it with comfort and without disturbing the style of her gown. Comfort is also necessary if the bride needs to travel for a long time from the preparation area to the ceremony area and ceremony area to the reception area.

Do not give your bride a hard time, let her sit in the car with comfort and utmost relaxation.

  • Company

Who will accompany your bride going to the wedding venue? Make sure that everyone will fit on the bridal car. Make sure that the bride’s company are identified before choosing a bridal car to use. You would not want a car that can only accommodate 2 if there are 4 people riding on it.

  • Budget

Another factor you have to consider when choosing the bridal car is your budget. The good news is you do not have to buy a bridal car as there are many companies where bridal cars are being rented. The advantage of renting a car is that you can use a car that even in dream you cannot afford. You can choose luxury vehicles at a good rate.

Tip: If you want to find the best and most affordable wedding cars to rent, check online. There are many local companies around you offering such service. Most of the time, they come with drivers hence more advantageous.

  • Quality

Even if you are looking for cheap cars for rent, quality of the car should never be compromised. Make sure that the car is in its good condition, clean, no scratches and no evident marks of wear and tear. As previously discussed, wedding cars will also be part of the wedding pictorials, hence quality of it not only the external portion of the car but also the internal too should be highly considered.

One of the things you also have to consider highly is the condition of the heating and cooling system of the car. Make sure that the vehicle is in prime condition including its engine as you do not want to experience any car breaking down during transit.

  • Specialization

If you are planning to rent a wedding car, which by the way is more recommended, make sure that the company where you plan to rent cars specializes in wedding cars and not just regular or daily used ones. This can give you an assurance that you will be given a wide range of wedding car options. Also, since they specialize it, they know exactly how to deal with weddings. Their drivers are well informed on how to ensure that the bride, the groom and other people riding on the car will be serviced accordingly.

Those who specialize in wedding cars may also include on their package flowers, pins and other things you need to have a good bridal car.

  • Weather

Make sure that the wedding car can keep you comfortable and relaxed even in any kind of weather condition. Top down cars are not highly recommended during winter as the bride and the groom may get chills when they are being transported from one place to another.

Although top down cars are perfect in photos, the weather where you can use it may not be as versatile.

  • Contingency plan

Just to make sure everything is well planned and no problems will come up even your original plan did not push through, always have a backup plan. You can have a friend or a relative standby in case the wedding car did not work to its purpose. Make sure that their vehicle is at least conducive enough for you to be transferred from the preparation area to the ceremony hall.

A broken arrangement with a car company may be something that you should not be thinking about especially if you made an agreement with a reliable company, but needless to say getting ready is still something you must consider.

The contingency plan is also required if you are planning to have a top down car as you never know when it might rain.

There are many things you have to prepare and arrange for you wedding. To get more information on the things to do, click on this link: https://www.callablanche.com/post/the-ultimate-brides-survival-guide/


Photo by Dimitri Kuliuk

Photo by İbrahim Hakkı Uçman

Photo by Studio Negarin

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