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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Choosing The Right Wedding Party

One of the things you need to decide on rightfully is who will represent your wedding party. Who will get the role as the maid of honor, bridesmaid, best man, groomsmen, etc? This decision may be harder for those who have a huge number of close friends.

But since only a few can take special roles, you must consider all important factors to ensure that those who are taking the role are deserving of it.


Wedding Party

The wedding party members will add light to the wedding, so deciding who will be a part of it must be taken seriously.

Just to help you choose who will take the roles, consider the following:

  • Choose those who are close to your heart

The wedding party members will take part in this momentous event of your life, hence it is only right that the people who will take huge roles are those who are dear to you. Do not force yourself to take anyone because you are influenced by someone else. Take this decision to yourself and make sure that you choose by heart.

  • Someone responsible

Wedding party members have their roles to fill in during the wedding celebration, so the people you must choose should be responsible and willing to do his/her role without any hesitations. He/she should be prepared when assigned to give a toast or proactive arranging your wedding train when needed.

Also, you want all your wedding party members at the venue on time, therefore you also have to consider their punctuality. You would not want to start late because of someone else’s lack of responsibility.

Tip: Advice your wedding party about the time they need to arrive at the venue. Reminding them about it should be done at least 3 days before the wedding day.

  • Someone who knows both parties

It is nicer if the wedding party members know both the bride and the groom. If you are decided to get someone who is not as familiar with your soon to be husband, make sure to introduce him/her to him, months before the wedding day.

Give them time to know each other well. Sure, they will say more about you but it will be a bit off if he/she cannot even remember the name of your husband.

  • Someone, you can count on when the relationship gets tough

Their roles should not end after the wedding celebration. Your wedding party should be there whenever needed. As a general rule, no one must intrude with the relationship you have with your husband or decisions you will make with your life, but a hand when things get a bit rough and help you patch things up is sweet.

  • Those who are capable

Yes, without a doubt, he/she should be capable of paying a few expenses. Wedding attire, transportation expenses are a few of the things he/she may need to pay for. Some couples pay this for their wedding party’s behalf, if this is the case, this may not be an issue to think about, but if it is not part of your budget, telling this to them earlier is a good idea.

If they are not willing to pay for extra expenses, do not force them.

  • Someone who can give ideas

Pick someone who can help you decide on some aspects of your wedding planning, like your beautiful wedding gown, the theme, etc. Choosing wedding party members that can help you with the wedding preparation is recommended.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Wedding Party Members

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when choosing wedding party:

  • Choosing relatives is not necessary

Some are forced to choose their brother, sister, etc, to take special roles at their wedding. It is not a requirement to choose someone by blood, you can have your closest friend take on the most important role in the wedding if you want to.

  • Do not decide too quickly

Give yourself enough time to decide on who will assume which role. The wedding party’s roles in a wedding are crucial, so take this decision seriously. They will take a huge part in your wedding and if you choose wrongfully, your happiness and satisfaction may not be complete.

  • There is no sex qualification for wedding party

There is no sex criterion when choosing some of the wedding party members. Maid of Honor is the female counterpart of Bride’s Honor Attendant while Best Man can be Best Woman, although groomsmen or bridesmaid are, as is, male or female consecutively.

  • If some of your closest friends or relatives failed to be part of the wedding party, they should not mind

Do not be afraid to choose among your friends or relatives. Your relatives or friends must understand that not everyone can be part of it.

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