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Costs To Prioritize In Weddings

Costs To Prioritize In Weddings

Wedding is the most important part of a man and woman’s love for each other. It serves as the first step in building their own family and starting their life journey together as a couple. Most of the people often save their money to have the best wedding dress to wear and other preparation for their wedding. Costs to prioritize in a wedding depend on the financial status of the man and the woman to be married. There are weddings that are planned for a long time and there are weddings that are rushed. However, both can be costly or not depending upon the planning.

Wedding Venue

Costs To Prioritize In Weddings

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A lot of things must be considered in budgeting money for a wedding. One is the venue to conduct the wedding. Nowadays, there are a lot of places to make a wedding happen. You can do a wedding in a church, in a beach, in a garden, or in other places that couples prefer. Having a wedding in a church can be costly also.

The amount to pay in a church depends on various aspects like the interior and exterior designs of the church, the age and stability of the church, and the accommodation. Couples that prepared and saved a lot for a wedding often prefer well-known churches. There are churches that are advisable because it is air-conditioned, but there are also open churches that are advisable for those who prefer open and fresh air while holding a ceremony.

Garden Wedding

Can also be costly or not, depending on the location or garden you are eyeing the wedding to happen. If you have your own garden in your home, you would not be needing to rent one if you prefer that the ceremony would commence in yours.

Beach Wedding

Could probably be the most expensive of all. Because renting for a location at a beach would ask for a lot of your money. That’s why most celebrity couples prefer their dream wedding at a beach, not only because it contains a lot of wonderful views, but because they can pay huge expenses on having a wedding at a beach. Beach Weddings are also costly because the things that would be need will all come from the couple, unless the beach rented organize events such as weddings. But wherever place you would choose your wedding to happen, it could be as simple or elegant as you want.

Wedding Preparations

Next to be prioritized are your preparations and the things that would be needed in the wedding proper. Pre-nuptial videos and photos are common nowadays. This could be costly or not depending on your desired place to hold this, the attires you want or your theme, and the photographers and videographers you would be hiring. Pre-nuptial shoot can be as creative as you want in your own ways. A simple pre-nuptial shoot can be done in public places which would cost less, while those who prefer elegant ones can rent a location.

Couples also decide on their pre-nuptial shoot theme, and their attires and props would be depending on this. One example of a theme that would be needing more budget is a historical pre-nuptial shoot. This is because of the clothes you would be wearing are expensive to purchase.

Videographers and Photographers

The videographers and photographers’ cost would depend on the job you are wishing them to do. Most that hire them allocate budget for them because they are not only responsible for capturing your videos and photos, but also editing and producing copies.

Food and Venue

It is also necessary to consider your guests and what program you want on your reception. The more guest you invite, the more money you need to spend on the food, also the more people to share the special day with. Most of the food caterers offer a per plate basis on the food cost.

Costs To Prioritize In Weddings

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Foods you want to have would also affect the costs of your reception. But the reception venue and program proper would also be a cost to prioritize. A wedding reception is not complete without the venue decoration and those couples who saved a lot can have elegant settings.

Wedding Reception venue depends on the budget or place the couple would want.

It could be in an enclosed area, in a resort, in a restaurant, or even in the comfort in their own homes.


If you decide to give wedding souvenirs to the guests, consider the price. They are sometimes costly depending on what kind or type of souvenirs the you would prefer.

Wedding Organizers

If you want a less-hassle preparation, you can get wedding organizers. However, that means additional expenses. But once you hire an organizer, you will be just giving them instructions and they will be the one to work on the things you need, from preparations until the end of the wedding celebration.

Other Expenses

From flowers, to the church attire, and the things that the entourage would need. Some couples also take the responsibility of purchasing and distributing the attires for their entourage. But this should be a top priority for costing of the couples because the whole entourage depends on them.

A  wedding host will prepare a program for the newly-wedded couples and their guests. Thus, you should consider money on games and prizes. There are also wedding reception that have different stalls which you can have sweets, alcoholic beverages, your own photos and many more.

Your costs to prioritize does not end on your wedding day. It is just a start of more money budgeting with your partner. Life after wedding day would be more costly than your wedding day. But whatever the expenses or costs you did prioritize on your wedding preparation, the most important thing is that you and your partner would be tying life with each other. And no matter how much money you end up spending in your wedding day, the memories to happen on that very special day would be the best to prioritize.

We hope you enjoyed our blog on which Costs To Prioritize In Weddings. To know other wedding ideas, feel free to visit The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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