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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Dos And Donts About Finding Love Online

Did you know that you can get love online, which could lead to you having a blissful wedding in your best wedding dress that you have ever dreamt about? In modern times, everyone seems to understand what finding love online is all about.  In fact, online dating and dating tends to be practically synonymous, even if you are looking for a long term relationship like marriage.

That stigma that used to be associated with online dating has evaporated completely, with online dating apps being adopted and dating platforms being on the rise. During the early days of online dating, it was unheard of to meet a couple whose love story started online, and then they went ahead and got married.

Nowadays, some so many people adopted online dating as their primary source of getting a life partner where other means have failed. Whether you are the last in your group who is still single and wondering what to do to get a serious partner or are years into your journey, you should consider the following dos and donts when it comes to online relationships.

The Dos

  • Include slightly more information regarding yourself other than the basics

The advantage you have when you are looking for love online is that it will allow you to be able to pre-screen people; others will pre-screen you, leading to better dates with people whom you consider to be more compatible with.

But if you don’t provide enough information when creating your profile, people will be unable to tell if you are the right person whom they can bond with. While it is very true that nobody will want to read about you as long as there are war and Peace on your online profile, it is also true that when your profile is sparsely filled will not attract many people. It gives the viewers the impression that you are not serious about the use of whatever profile you are on, thus deterring some serious and compatible people from making serious advances.

  • Try showing off your sense of humor

Just the way you react when you meet someone in real life for the first time, humor is known to be one of the things which come out as fun and charming when you are communicating online. Many people get intimidated just at the thought of trying to bring out the fun part of themselves.

You don’t need to be a natural jokester or stand up comic to make your profile to have a little humor. You have to put together a draft of what your profile should look like first, without the need to think about humor. After going through, look for at least two places where you can poke some fun about yourself or naturally add some humor.

  • You have to be specific on what you are looking for in a partner

Remember that not everyone is conversant with digital era on the same level.  If you are single after being in a relationship and you want to try out to date several people, you should not tick the box that shows your readers that you are looking for marriage. And in case you are looking for marriage, or a relationship that is serious, you should not shy off from saying so. It is because you will be able to attract people with the same interest.

  • Manage your emotions

Like other things in life, finding love online comes with its ups and downs. That is why, it will be vital that you practice emotional regulations through meditation and mindfulness so that, whenever you respond to anything, it ought to be in a centered objective manner and avoid any personalization of the behaviors of other daters as a sign of personal rejection.


The Donts

  • Avoid using misleading and old photos

Though your intention is to put your best face forward, you might be tempted to choose some of your flattering photos. But you have to be sure that what you are using is accurate and recent. One that is not a photoshop or edited in any way.

When you use a photo that you took ten years ago or when you were at least 15 pounds lighter will attract the wrong people. You might land yourself the first date, but it will not be fruitful. It means that, you will have wasted your time, plus that of your partner.

You have to be honest up front instead of misleading people to believe something that you are not. You can mix a few shots of you with your friends, colleagues at work, your relatives, to reveal a bit of what personality you are and provide social proof.

  • Avoid bombarding people with messages

When it comes to having to send messages, you should focus on quality more than quantity. While you might feel tempted to say hello to several people who look attractive, chances are most, if not all, of them will not respond.  It is better to identify a few people whom you feel you are attracted to as well as interested in and sent a long message, which will make them want to respond to it.

  • Avoid mentioning your ex

Most probably, by the time you are going online, you have an ex, but it will be best if you don’t mention them. When you start ranting and complaining the way your ex was a lousy partner, bad parent, or how you handled the divorce, it automatically sets bad energy on your profile.

People on dating sites want to date people who are happy and not bitter about past relationships. They want to enjoy their life with you. They are not trying to look for someone who will give them baggage from their previous relationship.

Unless you are at a stage when you have met, and they want to know your past, could you keep it to yourself for the time being?

You might be among the many nowadays who have gotten their life partners online. Now that you have successfully dated and engaged check out for information on how to go about wedding planning at the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


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