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Do's And Don'ts For Parents Of The Newlyweds

Do’s And Don’ts For Parents Of The Newlyweds

Wedding day is one of the most important days for the couple. There’s a lot of planning involved! Thus, it’s important to get all the help you need. From choosing your perfect wedding dress to picking flower arrangements, you will need a lot of help. And your parents are ready to do just that! Wondering what are the do’s and don’ts for parents of the newlyweds?

This list will help you to figure out what are the do’s and don’ts for parents of the newlyweds.

Do’s for the parents of the newlyweds

  • Ask the couple if they need help and guidance

Most of the couples eye for a successful wedding. Thus, they do prepare and plan a lot. Sometimes, they need opinions and suggestions to make their wedding unique and successful. Parents should first ask their children if they need help regarding wedding plans before offering their help. This can avoid misunderstandings and conflicts between the couple and the parents.

Do's And Don'ts For Parents Of The Newlyweds

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  • Communicate with the guests during the wedding ceremony and reception program

Commonly, the invited guests of the couple for their wedding days are also close to the parents of the bride and groom. So, it will be easy for the parents to communicate with the guests during the wedding ceremony and reception program.

This can also help to entertain the guests and avoid dull moments during the wedding day. The parents could also find happiness talking to the guests. And the guests would feel more comfortable when the parents of the bride and groom are talking to them.


  • Plan and prepare your wedding speech for the couple

The speech from the parents of both the bride and groom will always be part of the program for the reception or wedding day. They have a chance to share memories or stories of them with their child. The parents should only include stories that can make the couple and guests happy. Thus, avoid giving messages that will be a cause for the couple to feel uncomfortable.

  • Help the couple when deciding on who will be the invites

Because parents know their children well, they should help the bride and groom come up with a list of people to invite for the wedding day. The parents can help them with who they should invite to be a part of their big day.

This is also one way to make the wedding plans more organized. Parents can also help with the number of guests that will work with the couple’s budget.

Don’ts for the parents of the couple

  • Change the plans of the couple if they are final with it

Parents should always help their children when planning for a wedding. However, they should also know that they have limitations. The parents should respect the plans of their children. They can give suggestions or opinions if they think that the plan needs a little improvement.

  • Insist to pay the costs of the wedding

Couples do save their money for their special day because most of the weddings are costly. The parents should support the couple with monetary assistance if the bride and groom ask for it.

But there are couples who want to shoulder all the fees for their wedding as a form of gratitude to their parents.

  • Wear the clothes they want to

The attire of the parents should correspond to the wedding theme. It is also advisable for the parents not to wear white because the said color is reserved for the bridal gown.

  • Invite people that are not included on the original plans

Some parents invite guests for the wedding day without informing the couple about it. They should always stick to the plan of invites by the couple to avoid conflicts, especially during the reception program.

Couples also want to have guests that they are close to. They also choose guests that are witnesses to their love story and the people whom they love to celebrate with on a special day. So parents should not invite more guests if the couple does not include them in the original plan.

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