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Everything To Know When Getting Married At The Sea

Everything To Know When Getting Married At The Sea

Everything To Know When Getting Married At The Sea! Are you planning to wear your wedding dress at sea? When you decide to marry at sea, it will give you all the romance you could dream of. Think exotic port locations, open ocean backdrop, built-in honeymoon. It might be the reason why many couples nowadays opt to have their weddings at sea.

There are several things that you will need to decide before your wedding day. After getting engaged and deciding that you want to celebrate your wedding aboard a ship, make sure to plan. Whether you are organizing for a destination wedding at an international port or want to have a wedding ceremony on board a ship with few guests, the following are some of the things that you should know. Read our thoughts on Everything To Know When Getting Married At The Sea!

  • Is it legal to marry on a ship?

To ensure that your wedding celebration is legal while having it on a cruise ship, you will have to, first of all, secure a marriage certificate. Some ships have marriage license coordinators. Choose one, and the coordinator will help you with all the paperwork. He will also explain all the details that you need to know. For example, how to have your wedding legal both while on board or in whichever country you want to hold the ceremony. Once you marry on a cruise ship, you will receive an official marriage certificate. You can use it as a legal proof of your marriage.

Everything To Know When Getting Married At The Sea

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  • Is it possible to marry in international waters?

Some couples decide that their marriage will be in international waters in port destinations. So, depending on the country where the ship is has its registry, you will need to get a marriage license of that country. For the marriage to be valid, it has to be conducted as per the laws of that country where the ship has its license. The shipping company will help you with the requirements during your wedding planning stage.

  • How much will it cost you to marry in a cruise ship?

The cost of getting married on a cruise ship will largely depend on the port destination where you will decide to carry out your wedding ceremony. On the website of the cruise ship, you will have a variety of wedding ports, including information regarding the estimated prices for both land weddings and shipboard weddings, venue options, and marriage licensing requirements.

When you marry on board, it offers benefits of a destination wedding minus any inconveniences. Again, it tends to be a better deal as compared to organizing a wedding event at a luxurious resort on land.

Most of the event and wedding packages on board ship include essential like the deck or indoor venues for the wedding ceremony, indoor wedding reception reservation with beverages and foodservice, couple’s floral arrangement, champagne, and cake, as well as a photographer.

Once you have your wedding type, the cruise ship’s event manager will help you in choosing the appropriate location. They will provide a wedding package that is a fit for the two of you. It will ensure you have a wedding on a cruise ship that is stress-free.

  • Can the ship captain conduct your wedding ceremony?

A notary public holds most of the weddings on ship for Americans in the USA. They can also have other non-denominational officiants who are located at international ports. If you want the ship’s captain to officiate your wedding ceremony, then you will have to marry while you are sailing in international waters.

When you have a wedding ceremony at sea, the ship’s captain officiates it and abides by the laws of the country where the cruise ship has its registry. So check out where your intended cruise ship has its registry and ensure to comply with the marriage laws of that country. You will need to have a wedding license for the country beforehand.

Also, when you marry at sea by the captain of the sea, you can’t have the wedding ceremony on night or day of embarkation. It has to take place between 10 am and 2 pm to allow the staff of the ship to do their duties.

  • How do you go about planning for a wedding on a cruise?

Have you decided to have your wedding on a ship? Then, the ship will ensure to help you with your wedding planning.

You will have to start by familiarizing yourself with the various wedding ceremonies and event packages. Check what the ship offers by visiting their website. Go ahead and research multiple wedding ports and try comparing details. Consider marriage licensing details and pricing, before you finally select.

Once you choose your wedding destination, you should search for the available dates as well as times. Then fill a request form, and one of the ship’s events manager will be able to contact you. This way the wedding planning can start in earnest.  From there, the ship of choice will ensure to take care of all the details. It will help you both sit and relax, waiting for the embarkation date.

  • Are there wedding planners on cruise ships?

Check out with your chosen cruise ship and find out what arrangements they have. For example, if they have wedding coordinators as well as event planners? Event managers are generally in charge of planning the requirements before you board the ship.

They will be able to answer whatever questions you might have. For example, narrow down your choices of venues, assist with the bookings, help in ensuring you get the right documentation for your ceremony.

For the wedding coordinators, they will come in at your point of contact during your cruise ship. They will work to help in guiding you all through the course of your wedding day celebrations. It is important to ensure your wedding ceremony as well as your wedding receptions, go on without any hitch.

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