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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Finding The Best Wedding Host

After the wedding ceremony is over, people will all go to the reception hall to continue the celebration, this time in a more relaxed manner. It is in the hands of the host to make the wedding reception lively and fun.

Finding the right host can be tiring and time demanding, with the many hosts around your area promising to provide you a fun-filled day, who among them to trust and hire?

This guide will help you in finding the best host to lead your event.


Guide To Finding The Best Wedding Host

Here are some of the things you need to do when looking for a wedding host:

  • Check on their portfolio

Check their profile through their social media accounts. You may also want to watch their videos and check if their style passes your standards. Make sure that they specialize in wedding events, as not all hosts good in hosting corporate events are good at hosting weddings.

  • Limit your options to 5

Keep your options to a minimum. The more options you have, the harder it is you can decide. Trim down your options and do not speak with too many hosts. Focus your search to 5 and from there, choose who is best to hire.

  • Schedule a face to face discussion with the host

Now that you identified the 5 hosts to possibly do business with, it is time to schedule a face to face meeting with him/her. This meetup can help you identify whether he/she is a good choice. You can ask him/her questions about his/her experience, and see whether he/she is willing to collaborate with you or he/she will work his/her way all the time.

This is the perfect time for you to speak with him/her about your requirements and expectations.

  • Consider their rates

Hire hosts who do not charge too high. They are an essential part of the event, but that does not mean you will spend a fortune just to hire them. Many hosts are good with what they do and do not charge too high.

Tip: There is nothing wrong with negotiating. Ask the host if they can give you a better offer.


Things To Discuss With The Wedding Host

There are so many things to discuss with the wedding host. And when you get the chance of meeting up with him/her, it is good if you are prepared. Jot down all possible questions and inquiries you have in mind and present it to the host when you meet him/her.

To help you get started, below are a few things you need to discuss with your host

  • Expectations

Set your expectations clearly to your host. Do you want the wedding reception lively, serious, romantic, etc? Your host will set the mood of your event, so you must lay down your cards and let him/her know the mood you want to achieve in your wedding.

Be as detailed as possible, as that is where he/she will depend on her hosting style. Also, if he/she is not able to carry a lively or fun environment, he/she can tell you so you can hire someone else.

  • Availability

One of the things you need to stress out to your wedding host is the schedule of the event. What time does he/she need to be on the premise and until what time you expect him/her to host the event?

Good hosts are most of the time occupied, so if you want to make sure that you hire the best ones, search for a wedding host early and hire their service immediately once you spot the right one. Also, it is best if you speak with him/her about the theme of the wedding event so he/she can incorporate his/ her outfit to it.

Tip: Punctuality of the host is very important, as, without him/her, the program cannot kick-off.

  • Things not to discuss

Generally speaking, you will open your book to your wedding host as he/she will introduce you to the crowd, from the time you meet, to how the relationship grows and up to the time you decide to tie the knot.

You will also discuss with him/her your profession, your personality, and other personal information. Apart from letting them know things they can tell the crowd about you, you may also want to single out things you do not want him/her to discuss. Like if you are sensitive to adult conversations, tell him/her beforehand so she won’t go far.

  • Things to bring

What are the things you need to bring during the event? Does he/she need props for games? You may also want to ask for any assistance that he/she needs, like a sound system, music, dressing room, and the like. This is the right time to know things you need to provide for him/her to execute his/her hosting better.


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