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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Flower Girls

Having pint-sized girls in your wedding adds such charm, innocence, and elegance to the whole wedding. There is something beautiful about seeing these little people in the background of your photos or being the center of attention. Choosing flower girls in your wedding can take up some of your time. It is good to have enough time allocated for this decision. Including their parents is a nice way of easing the load on yourself. Following is a list of things you must consider when choosing your flower girls.

Their Roles

The role of the flower girls can be determined by how young or old they are. They can:

  • Scatter petals as they walk down the aisle.
  • Follow or partner up with a ring bearer as they walk down the aisle for support.
  • Blow bubbles as they walk down the aisle.
  • Carry a sign as they walk down the aisle.

Traditionally, the idea was to have one flower girl. However, you can have several flower girls added to your bridal party. Children also perform well in pairs or groups. You can have pairs of flower girls walking side by side down the aisle.

Several flower girls mean that you can also split their responsibilities. One can walk down the aisle scattering petals, and the other can blow bubbles. You can also have them help the page boy to hold the train if you are going for a more traditional look.

There are various factors that you can consider when choosing flower girls. These are:

The age of the flower girls

Most wedding planners advise that you choose children between the ages of four and eight. Kids at this range of age can understand any roles given to them as well as get excited about their fancy clothes. You can choose younger girls for this role. However, extra help for them may be required as they walk down the aisle. You can mix up the ages so that older girls can help the young ones.


Flower girls are usually close to family members. If you have few relatives in the right age bracket, this may not be an issue. However, for people from large families, you may have several relatives within this age bracket. In this case, you can include all the children in this line up to avoid hurting feelings. However, the cost of getting ready for the big day falls heavily on their parents.

Their personality

The role of the flower girls entails walking down the aisle alone. This requires a lot of confidence. You can consider the child’s personality when choosing them for this role. If you still want them in the lineup and they are challenged in this aspect, consider pairing them up with a more confident girl. This will keep them relaxed and able to execute the task given to them.

The number of flower girls

You need to decide the number of flower girls you need at your wedding. Remember, kids can perform tasks when accompanied by other kids. You may choose to add the number of these cute little angels as they also add to the charm of the wedding.

Now that you know the roles they will perform and have gone ahead and selected the flower girls, it is time to look at how you can dress them. Flower girls are mostly dressed in white. However, other colors such as light pink, ivory, or blue are also a good choice. These colors need to complement the bride or the bridesmaids. There are various tips that you can consider when shopping for that perfect little dress. These are:

  • Involve the parents when choosing the best dress for the flower girl. This way, you will know which one will be comfortable for her.
  • Ask the flower girls about their opinions and preferences when shopping for the dress. If she loves the dress, she can confidently walk down the aisle without the need for assistance.
  • Ensure that the dress chosen is appropriate for the flower girl’s age.
  • The dress needs to be just the right size. You may need to take the girl for fitting so that you can find the perfect size. A well-fitting dress has an added elegance to it.
  • Select a dress with an appropriate length. If the dress is too long, the flower girl will be unable to walk in it. She can even trip or fall. Make sure she is feeling comfortable in the dress.
  • The theme color of the day should be considered when making a purchase. You want a dress that will blend well into the day. It can match your wedding dress or your bridesmaids’
  • Choose a dress that is not too tight for the child.
  • Select comfortable, high-quality materials that are safe to wear. You do not want a dress that can cause itchiness. You can purchase the dress months before the wedding and have the child try it on.

You also need to select comfortable jewelry and shoes for your flower girls. It is good to go for shoes that she has worn a couple of times and is very comfortable walking in.

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