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Food Not To Serve On Your Wedding

Food Not To Serve On Your Wedding

Wedding is a day to remember not just by the couples but their guests as well. Finding ways to make your guests happy as they celebrate this momentous time with you is a must. Food is one of the most important, not just to weddings but other events. And if there are dos and don’ts in choosing wedding gowns, there are also dos and don’ts in choosing the food to serve on your big day.

To help you get started, below is Food Not To Serve On Your Wedding.

Food to Avoid Serving On Your Wedding

Food Not To Serve On Your Wedding

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One of the most awaited parts of the wedding, is the feast! Everyone gets excited as the host opens the buffet table. As the wedding celebrants, it is your responsibility to ensure that they should be very happy and satisfied with the food they will feast on.

Apart of thinking good food to serve the guests, it is also important to know food that you should not be serving them.

Below are some of the food you must avoid serving on your big day:

  • Cocktail food that cannot be eaten using one hand

The food to serve on cocktail should be able to eat using just one hand. Cocktail is the time for guests to roam around and socialize, while one of their hands holding a glass of wine, juice, etc. Choose cocktail food that are in bite sizes and can be consumed without using a fork or a spoon or with two hands.

  • Raw onions

Just to avoid bad breath during the reception, avoid serving your guests with raw onions. Your guests would surely dig in to whatever is serve to them, and letting them worry about the smell of their breath is the least you want to happen.

  • Food that contains common allergens

Some of the usual culprits of allergic attacks are almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts and pine nuts. Just to avoid your guests experiencing allergies, try to avoid dishes that contains these common allergens. If you cannot resist and you would really want to see that specific dish in your menu, let the guests know about it by adding dish title with remarks on every dish on the buffet table.

  • Too messy to east food

Avoid serving your guests with foods that are too messy to eat. Your guests would just leave the food untouched if they think that it will just ruin their clothes. Sure, they do not want to have dirty hands especially that they want to mingle around other guests and participate to different activities.

Also, too messy or too hard to eat food will derail their focus. Instead of giving you their full attention, they may end up busying themselves eating crabs.

Just give your guests an easy time on your wedding day. Let them enjoy their feast in an easy and smooth way.

  • All meat food

You may love meat so much that you want to serve all meat food to your guests all the time. Remember, you are hosting a party and you also need to consider what other people would love to eat. There are vegetarians, chocolate lovers, fish lovers and cheese lovers around, and serving everyone with something to eat is a good idea.

Serve variety of food to your guests, and do not only consider what you want. Sure, you can serve meat but make sure that it is not only the food available on your menu.

  • Raw food

Serving raw food can be a bit risky. It can actually be poisonous hence best to avoid including it in your menu. But, if you cannot avoid serving your favorite oyster on your most special day, you can go ahead and do so but make sure you hire a good and reliable oyster cognoscenti.

It is best to serve your guests foods that are safe to eat and will not bring them any harm.

Food Not To Serve On Your Wedding

@melialucida L’Amour by Calla Blanche Chicago LA20223

  • Small version of foods

You might have seen many mini versions of food in wedding, actually serving them is okay only during cocktails. During a full course meal, serving these kinds of food is a bit awkward and not satisfying. Your guests are expecting to get full and completely satisfied with the food they will eat on your wedding. Thus, make sure it will come true.

  • An 8-course meal

You sure would want to feed your guests with a lot of great food options. However, serving too many food may not be a good idea anymore. Some guests do not want to get so full. Moreover, they want to join the party, dance and play, without feeling bloated.

Considering the dancing to dining ratio is a good idea when thinking of the right amount of food to serve your guests. Actually, a 3-course meal is more than enough for guests to feel satisfied and happy with their feast.

  • Dishes that are overly complicated

Do not give your chefs too much of a hard time preparing the food, this can cause delays and problems. As long as the presentation is decent and the taste of the food is awesome, you should not worry about your guests not being happy and satisfied with their food.

Not all simple food presentation is unattractive and vice versa.

  • Serving all exotic foods

You may have loved the exotic food you tried when you were on a holiday and would like your guests to experience it as well. Unfortunately, not everyone loves to eat exotic. If you want to give your guests a taste of exotic food, you can choose just one or more dishes of that. However, keep the rest to normal or usual/common foods.

You would not want your guests the leave the party hungry as they never tried the exotic food you choose to serve.

Wedding is a great day for you to celebrate with your loved ones, and for ultimate wedding guide, check The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist.


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