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French Wine Honeymoon Destination

French Wine Honeymoon Destination

Apart from purchasing your wedding dress from a French company, you might be yearning to have your wedding celebrated in a French Wine Honeymoon Destination. That is a splendid idea that you should embrace.  The thought of waking up in the morning with your spouse beside you, in splendor with great views of the historic wine villages or majestic vineyards, might be an inspiration.

As a loving wine couple,  if you are searching for a particular honeymoon destination in France, then the below list will help you in getting one among the many available. You can decide to feast at Bordeaux’s Michelin restaurants or sip Dom Perignon in the Reims Champagne capital. There are several places for a French Wine Honeymoon Destination to enable you to taste the best vintage that your money can buy.

  • Bordeaux

 French Wine Honeymoon Destination

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It is the winemaking capital of France, being lauded as one of the best regions for wine in the world. Its good fortune is due to wine exportation. The wineries of Bordeaux and the Chateaux are some great romantic, perfect setting that you can incorporate in your honeymoon. It has attractions that are beyond just great wines as it is encompassed with great literature.

As you tour Bordeaux, you will enjoy the great attractions of wealth, especially those along the waterfronts where you find stunning fountains and statues broken by the Esplanade des Quintconces.  You can as well take a tour with your spouse through some properties to have a feel around the province.

The Chateau de Mirambeau, the Chateau Grand Barrail, and the Intercontinental la Grand Hotel Bordeaux are romantic and beautiful places to stay. At the hotels, the concierges can readily help you fix a great itinerary of winery restaurants and tour reservations for the two of you.

If you are going for your honeymoon during the fall, that is around June, then be ready for a special treat because at Bordeaux, the annual host festival for wine in mid-June.

Both of you will have an opportunity to taste a variety of wines that are available at Bordeaux, go for vineyard tours, attend workshops for wine, and watch the beautiful firework and magic shows.

While visiting Bordeaux in June, you will find that it is quite affordable due to the small crowds and thus, chances of getting discounts on shopping, accommodations are very high.

  • Emilion

It might be the region’s most magnificent and beautiful village, and that could be the reason why most newlyweds tend to go to this fantastic and historical wine during their honeymoon. A UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, this is as a result of its middle age monument and reputable character. It is a place that is full of great restaurants and cafes, beautiful boutiques. You can take a stroll around the middle of the city, making it a highlight on its own. You will get vineyards all over from the old town hub, and a variety of Bordeaux’s prestigious estates happen to be in this part.

  • Medoc

It is an area that is famous for wine-producing found near river Gironde. It has the legends of Chateaux, which include Margaux, Latour, and Mouton Rothschild. If you want to have a memorable romantic visit, then you have to go to Margaux’s Chateau Kirwani. It is said that some of the most strong, elegant, and vibrant are produced in Chateaux Kirwan in Margaux. You will also find great and fascinating tutored tasting and site tours.

  • City du Vin, Bordeaux

For a long time, the French have been trying to set up worth and an excellent wine museum. With the City du Vin, the dream has become a reality. You can find the building around the Garnome River. It makes wine to be taken into diverse directions and new levels as far as entertainment is concerned. It ensures that the wine is enjoyable even for those who are unable to tell the difference between burdock and dandelion  – which are herbs, and cabernet Sauvignon – which is the Bordeaux type which is superior.

Located on a six floor, boasting of an advanced amusement technology of elegance, inventiveness, and insight, that will captivate your interaction senses through wine and subjects such as culture, agriculture, transport, art, sensuality, and civilization. The Hologram banqueting chambers and a flow show tackling and food together with festivities happen throughout the year. There is plenty of tasting at restaurants and also shows which explore music and wine.

French Wine Honeymoon Destination

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  • Champagne

Since early Roman times, Champagne has been known to make wine, and in the 9th century, it turned into an outstanding wine-growing region, supplying the Paris citizens. By the 19th century, the scene so the emerging of sparkling wine.

Champagne is a word that comes with glamor, luxury, and class. And that could be one of the main reasons that associates Champagne drink with intimacy and love. One of the attractions is the bubbles.

In the Champagne region, it is a place that is appealing and fascinating to visit, especially during your honeymoon. It is full of historic towns and cities, incredible connoisseur adventures, and beautiful, natural champagne houses. There you can readily share champagne that has been newly disgorged in old cellars.

  • Burgundy

Burgundy is the wealthiest province in France when it comes to culture, history, and gastronomy. Some of the region’s magnificent landscapes and the best wines are what inspire the province. There are a variety of romantic boutique guesthouses and Chateau accommodation, which are great for honeymooning. As a honeymoon destination, Burgundy might be what you are looking for if you are a wine lover. There are so many exciting sceneries of over 1000 square miles. For example, natural parks, beautiful cities, historic parks, and architecture that is just amazing, which awaits you on your honeymoon.

So as a wine lover and in love with France, you will have a variety French Wine Honeymoon Destination. For other winery options for honeymooning, check out the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


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