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Getting The Best Catering Service

One of the highlights of a wedding is the food. It can make or break any wedding event, as sloppy food can be very disappointing not just to couples but to everyone attending the party. Hiring the best catering service is necessary to ensure that everyone will have a great and memorable experience.

If you are finding the best catering service to hire, you are on the right track reading this article.


Guide In Finding The Best Catering Service

To help you get started, below are some of the things you need to look into:

  • Number of staff members they will dispatch

You have to make sure that the number of staff they will dispatch is enough to service all your guests. Is the ratio good enough to keep everyone happy and satisfied? Is there a crew serving drinks? How many will work on serving the food?

  • Cost

Not all caterers serving good food charge high and vice versa. Choosing a caterer that can serve delicious food at a good rate is good to consider. Although the average you can spend on food is 40% of your total budget, you can still try to keep it low without sacrificing the taste and quality of food.

Compare rates from one catering service to another and see who among them can provide good food at good rates.

Some catering services offer huge discounts to clients making an early reservation, so once you find the best caterer to hire, book a service immediately and enjoy huge discounts.

  • Penalties and fees

How much does it cost when a glass or plate is broken? Is there a charge when the event gets extended to an hour? Make sure that you know the rates of any possible charges that may arise. You would not want to end up getting shocked because your bill went so high due to fees and penalties that you did not ask beforehand.


Other Factors To Consider For Your Catering Service

Here are some of the things you want to consider when hiring catering services:

  • What kind of food do kids like to eat?

This is a common challenge for hosts, as not all food enjoyed by adults is enjoyed by kids too. Preparing a separate menu for children is a good idea. You can coordinate this with the caterer so they can also prepare a list of food to be included in the menu.

  • What will the vendors and suppliers eat?

Since the guest’s meal can be too expensive, some wedding celebrators decide on altering the food to be served for suppliers and vendors. Ask the caterer for a separate menu for your suppliers.

  • Variations of food they serve

Different themes call for different food on the buffet table. Make sure that the catering service can serve food suitable for your wedding theme. Discuss with them your wedding theme and collaborate on the best type and kind of food to be served. You can make suggestions and you can also take their ideas, as they know best.


Things To Remind The Catering Service

Even how good or trustworthy they are, it is still important that you remind them of key things they need to know.

These points must be reiterated a week or two before the big day:

  • Time they need to set up

Their punctuality is very important for weddings or to any other events so to speak. Make sure that you remind them of the exact time they need to be prepared. Most of the celebrators would tell the caterer the time of the party, and the caterer will decide on the best time to arrive and start setting up.

Although it is already written on their itinerary, reminding them of the time, including the location, won’t hurt.

  • The taste of food

After the food tasting, you will be allowed to alter some of the food options and taste. If you want a specific dish saltier, spicier, or sweeter, food tasting is the best time for you to air it out. Even how clear your conversation is during the food tasting session and contract signing, reminding them about it is a must.

Tip: It is best if you list down things you want to alter, so you can easily remind them about it.

Wedding caterers are not only assigned to serve food during the wedding, but they are also responsible for arranging the props, tables, and chairs at the wedding reception venue. You would not want to get disappointed with what you see, just because you failed to remind them about your wedding theme.

If possible, or if your time permits, check on the props and ask them to show you a sample table set up. This can help you a lot deciding whether the additional decoration is necessary.

Also, keep in mind the cost this will add to your budget. Please take a look at our Bride’s survival guide: Unique wedding reception


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