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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Great Honeymoon Road Trip Destinations Around The World

After the hustle and bustle of the wedding planning and the enjoyment on your wedding day where you take several photos adorned in the best wedding dress, the next move to ensure that you relax and embark on your new life as a couple is for an awesome honeymoon. Road trips can be a romantic way of having fun on your honeymoon than you might imagine, particularly when the journey itself, as well as the destinations, are spectacular.

Check out the following road trips for honeymoon across the world that might inspire you.

  • Amalfi Coast in Italy: Italy has been known throughout the world as one of the best honeymoon destinations with its fantastic cuisine, romantic cities, spectacular scenery and fine wine. While you might have a variety of scenic drives that you might enjoy while in Italy, the coastline stretch of about 37 miles between Salerno and Sorrento might be among the best.

It is a drive that is impressive following the shoreline while leaving south of Naples and going through the picturesque towns and fishing villages, while at the same time, clinging on one side to sheer cliff faces and going down on the other side to plug in azure waters.

Following the route, you will be able to go through about 13 towns which are set close to each other that it might be hard for you tell one from the next, though each of them offers a distinct charm.

  • Ring of Kerry, Ireland: It is an Emerald Isle route that is breathtaking that runs for about 125 miles, going through some of the most impressive scenery of the country. Drawing a circle between the mountain slopes that are steep, via the lush valleys, then across several lakes and rivers, as well as idyllic rocky coastlines and beaches, you are going to find a lot of ideal moments you will be able to stop and gaze at great scenery as a couple.

When it is time for lunch, enjoy it in the village of Steem, which is great with colorful buildings, and spending the night in Portmagee, where in the summer, the weather permits and you will be able to enjoy a boat trip to Skellig Michael.

There are several highlights that you will find along the way, such as Cloghereen Blue Pool Walk and Torc Waterfall in Killarney National Park, offering romantic buggy and horse tours.

  • California Legendary Highway One: The famous California Highway One is where most honeymooners have traveled, enjoying the dramatic cliffs that overlook the glitter of the Pacific, souring redwoods, and purple sand beach, and dining at the oceanfront. It is a 235 mile stretch between Santa Barbara and Monterey that will make your honeymoon unforgettable.

Don’t forget to stop at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve and ensure you take a cool dip in the cove, especially if your honeymoon happens in the warmer months. If it is during the winter months, then go on a walking trail while watching the gray whales migrating past Heading, going to Big Sur.

You will be shocked by the jagged mountains plunging into the wild surf, while the trees that are wind-sculpted on rocky outcrops tend to be washed by the waves that are cerulean-hued.  Go for a tour of the Heart Castle in San Simeon, allow yourself to marvel at Morro Rock also referred to as Gibraltar of the Pacific in Morro Bay. After that, head to Santa Barbara inland to check out on the wine country.

  • The Great Ocean Road of Australia: The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s scenic drives which you should not miss out on your honeymoon road trip. It will take you three days with the route featuring everything from Torquay surf capital to the 12 Apostles iconic, and it will climax at the Port Fairy historic fishing village, which is an hour from Melbourne, that marks the start of the drive.

After that, you are going to enjoy everything from Kangaroo to coastal views that are magnificent to the whale, and cola sporting. You can even decide to climb to the volcanic crater peak. As you follow the road from Apollo Bay, you will likely explore the luxurious rainforest of Otway Park before you head to Port Campbell and the awesome group of formations of the wave sculpt that arise from the sea that is referred to as the 12 Apostles.

  • Vancouver in British Columbia to Calgary in Alberta, Canada: It might be hard to find anything better than the road trip between Vancouver and Calgary in Canada if you are a couple that love mountain climbing. For this particular trip, you will need to take your time as it is about 600 miles. It is filled with great turquoise lakes, dense enchanting forests, and dramatic snow-capped peaks.

You will be amazed for every minute of your road trip. If you like thrills, then you can stop in Clinton to have a heart-pounding white water rafting trip and a Banff National Park that is just spectacular. You will be able to take a scenic hike in the summer, or you can decide to go ice skating during the winter. If you yearn for a little luxury, then enjoy some cozy moments at the Fairmont Chateaux Lake Louise, which is very famous.

  • The Overseas Highway in Florida: It is a road trip that runs from the mainland Florida tip near Miami and into the Florida Keys, offering a unique experience, together with countless spots of romance and activities when you are on your honeymoon.

It is about 113 miles with various roads with 42 trans-oceanic bridges down to the Key West, America’s southernmost point.  Known to be a diver’s and snorkeler’s paradise, under the water, there is a breathtaking world full of great colored fish as well as coral reefs with several dive sites where you can stop along the way.

Choose where you want to go for your honeymoon on a road trip across the world and enjoy. For more road trips for a honeymoon, check them out at the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


Photo by averie woodard

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