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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Guests To Invite On Your Wedding

One of the hardest and the longest time it takes couples to complete is their guest list. Who to invite and who need to be taken out of the list. Just to help you accomplish this tedious task, read on some of the guidelines you could follow below.


Factors to consider when completing the guest list

Here are some of the things you must consider when completing your guest list:

  • Budget

As much as you want to invite everyone, you have to consider your budget. How much can you spare on the venue, as the larger the venue, the more expensive it can get. How much is your budget for the food, as the more guests you have, the more people to feed? You may also want to consider the budget for party favors and so on.

You would not want to invite your entire clan and group of friends and end up with a broken bank account after the wedding. Keep everything within your budget.

  • Location

Where is your wedding going to be held? Is it accessible to everyone? If there are limitations, you may want to exclude on your list people who you think will have a hard time reaching the destination.

Do they need to ride a plane going there? If so, will you pay for the trip or they need to shell out their own money? Consider the person’s willingness and ability to pay for their trip if you go for the latter.

  • Venue

If you have a venue in mind, think about the number of heads it can accommodate. If it says 200, keep it to 200 as if you go more than that, space may not let your guests move freely and comfortably.

  • Intimacy

How intimate do you want your wedding to be? If you want it very intimate, only invite your closest friends and relatives. Do not invite too many people as that will just create chaos. Meanwhile, if what you want is a grand wedding, by all means, you can invite as many as you want, provided that the venue and your budget permit it.


Who to invite

You might be asking yourself, who are the right people to invite to your wedding. Of course, you have to be strategic and cautious in choosing who to invite. The guide below can help you sort out guests:

  • Invite your closest families and friends

There is no other better crowd to share your happiness than your closest friends and family. These people should not be forgotten when creating a list of guests.

  • People who have been part of your journey as a couple

Sure, invite those you know played a huge part in your relationship. People who introduced you to each other, or people who helped to sort things out between the two of you during rough times.

  • People who can stay with you when things get rough and tough

Invite people you know can be there for you during the hard times. These are your parents, your friends, seniors and the like. Relationships can sometimes be tough but if there are people who will support you and give good advice, things will be smoother and easier.


Things To Ensure When Inviting Guests

Here are other things you need to consider when completing your guest list:

  • Send invitations early

Make sure that invitations are sent out earlier. By doing so, you are giving these special people the time to prepare and free up their schedule on your big day. As much as possible, provide a month or more leeway so they can plan rightfully.

If you want these people to attend your wedding, invitations must be sent earlier.

  • Request for an RSVP

Request for an RSVP so you would know who can and cannot attend. To make sure that all seats are filled, prepare a backup list or a list of people you will invite in case your first choice cannot make it.

It can be a bit hurtful if the guest finds out that he/she is just a filler, hence the list should be kept only between you and your partner. Anyway, they would never have an idea unless you tell it to them straight.

  • Invite their partners as well

One of the things couples failed to do is not include on their list the significant other of their invitees, in the end, they go beyond their original headcount. It is almost automatic that the guest will bring his/her partner along unless you say it directly that they cannot.

  • Prepare enough wedding favors for everyone

Wedding favors are not a requirement, but if in case you plan to give it away, make sure that there is enough for all your guests. You would never want anyone living home empty-handed while the rest has something to bring home as a souvenir.


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