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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Having a Castle Wedding

Have you been thinking about having a castle wedding? Avoiding to travel to and from the registrar’s office or church tends to be the norm nowadays.  But on the same note, not everyone is excited to have their wedding hosted in a hotel.

If that is you, then you can go for the castle wedding venue. It has an atmospheric space which includes an element of religion if you so desire, combining it practically with theatrical.

The following are some of the things you need to look out for as you plan for your castle wedding.

  • Thematic options: Though you might need your wedding to be in a castle setting, it could be that you don’t want a fairy tale wedding. Get to know the various options that you have at your disposal. Take what you think will best work for you out of the many possibilities.
  • Authenticity: Are you using a real castle or will your wedding in a castle look like an imposed one because its authenticity and history have just let you down? Are you going to use a real castle or just a façade which will be placed in front of a modern building?
  • Religious interlude: Though what you need could be a civil ceremony inside a castle, there is a possibility that you want a few moments in a religious setting together with your close family members. If that is the case, check out if the castle you are opting for has a private chapel where you can have some time for contemplation.
  • Exclusive use: If you want to create a fairy tale spectacle, then it means you require that you own the castle for at least two or three days surrounding your wedding. Ensure you have the exclusive use of the same so that you can create the private and intimate occasion that you so desire.
  • Talking points: Is the venue you are settling for only a castle or does its interior have a great history which will make for great topics of conversation? Who were the previous owners of the castle? Who else has had their weddings contacted there? Is there any other special occasion that has occurred in the castle? What are your guests going to discover when they walk through its doors? If it is great, your guests will keep the social media updated with the great place that you took them to for your wedding. Your wedding will remain a talking point for quite a while.
  • Accommodation: Is the venue for your castle wedding offering accommodation? Or will you be required to accommodate your guests elsewhere? Having your close and loved friends and relatives staying at the castle with you could add an extra special moment to your wedding preparations. The planning and logistics will also become even easier.
  • Architecture: Wedding in the castle is all about the setting of the scene. You have to ensure that you check out the venue’s architecture and find out if it is going to disappoint you or add to the spectacle when you will be going through your wedding photos and videos later on after the wedding. Are there window seats on the walls? Are the stone arches real? Does it have battlements where you can be videoed and photographed?
  • Little touches: Is it possible for your choice of the castle to offer some extra touches like arriving using a horse-drawn carriage, bird of prey delivering the rings, or even the medieval stocks?

All of these elements will create some great photography for your wedding guests. Is it possible to create a themed marquee in the castle background or even have some fireworks? With several added touches to the mystique of the venue, it will enable you to have a great castle wedding.

  • Differentiation: The castle wedding might be the norm in the 2020-2021 season. But you have to make sure that the castle you settle for is far away from your current location to create the uniqueness of your wedding.

When you have an amazing venue to build your castle extravaganza, then guests will be gladly willing to travel to wherever it is. It will be a sort of break or small vacation for them and they will love to be a part of your celebration.

  • Things to be done locally: Are there other things you will be able to do on the doorsteps of your castle of choice? Is it possible for your guests to visit other great places surrounding the castle and go sightseeing or immerse themselves in recreational activities?

This could make them explore or stay on even after the wedding is over. This is very true especially if the castle you choose is far away from where they’re staying.

With all the amazing points surrounding a castle wedding, make your choice of the best castle and allow your wedding to be the talk of the town.

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