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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Honeymoon Cruises To Choose From

After all the stresses of the wedding: looking for the best vendors, the best wedding dress, selecting venues, and much more, you would not want to stress again when it comes to your honeymoon. Cruises might be a better option to choose for your honeymoon as they combine travel with pampering.  The vacation is on board the ship and the destinations. The cruise ships have celebrity chef restaurants, spas, culinary classes, swanky bars, and butlers, plus you will have the sea as your backdrop.

The following are some of the cruise lines which offer honeymoon packages with the right mix of romance and relaxation.

  • Azamara Cruises: Most honeymooners who are seeking an intimate atmosphere on board and personal attention prefer it. It has service, gratuities which include shuttle buses into town and many beverages. All are included in the cruise cost, and thus, you can be able to focus on enjoying the trip instead of concentrating on balancing costs.
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The liner has port-intensive itineraries that offer some overnight in ports, which will permit you to check out on the local culture or have a romantic dinner while onshore. Each of their itineraries offers AsAmazing evenings, which is complimentary that is exclusive to an event at night that happens once per sailing as a symphony orchestra performance in St, Petersburg, or a choir performance at St. John’s Co-Cathedral in Malta.

There are no special designated packages for a honeymoon in Azamara Cruises. Still, you have the advantage of taking the complimentary service of a concierge and planning for your surprises. You can as coming up with a customized experience way in advance using the specialty dining reservations offering private tables for two or deciding to have breakfast in bed, or you can have an advanced spa appointment.

All meals are served with wine, all their cabins have fresh flowers, and in case you are a suite passenger, you will benefit from services offered by English butlers.

  • Celebrity Cruises: They offer on board atmosphere that is sophisticated as well as personal services at reduced prices as compared to luxury lines. If you want to enjoy top service and amenities, you will need to book a Retreat cabin that comes with a private butler and access to suite restaurant and an exclusive lounge.

If you love the spa, go for AquaClass cabin, which has in-room wellness amenities, with access that is exclusive to the Blu, which is the chic specialty restaurant. You will also enjoy the relaxation rooms in the spa and thermal suite Persian gardens.

The Concierge class will provide you with access to canapes at night, pillow menus, priority boarding, and much more, without a suite’s full booking cost.  There are three celebration packages which are offered by Celebrity Cruises which you can order to celebrate your honeymoon. The classic package comes with a wine bottle, chocolate-covered strawberries, and flowers. The Deluxe package brings on board, in-cabin breakfast with mimosas, champagne, a dozen chocolate covered with strawberries, fresh flowers, and a cake of your own choice, personalized.

If you settle for the Premium package, you will get everything that is in the Deluxe package. The flowers will specifically be red roses, the champagne will specifically be Dom Perignon, and you will earn yourself reservations for two at one of the specialty restaurants on board.

  • Disney Cruise Line: Irrespective of what you might be thinking, Disney Cruise Line takes care of adults just the way it caters for children, offering some pools which are for adults only, nightclubs, and restaurants, together with a great spa.

For you to consider it, you must be a Disney fan. If that is the case, then you should book the Disney Dream Class, offering a second adult-only restaurant that is designed for a chef from Michelin movie, as well as a trendy nightlife area.

There are a variety of packages and gifts offered by Disney Cruise Line. It is not even a must that you be on a honeymoon to book for them, but since you are on honeymoon, it is appropriate that you do so.

There are four romance packages offered at different price points, including clinched yet cute extras: roses, chocolates, robes, and sparkling wines. If you don’t want to consume the hard stuff, they offer two packages for nonalcoholic with sparkling cider instead of alcohol.

You are free to stop at the guest service desk to get the pair of honeymoon buttons. When you put them on during the trip, it might just earn you some great attention.

  • Norwegian Cruise Line: If you are the type who doesn’t want to stick to a schedule during your honeymoon cruising, then embracing the Norwegian freestyle concept will allow you to eat where and when you want, having a choice of different cuisine and restaurants on board. Plus, they have multiple lounges, bars, and discos that happens at night, and thus, if both of you stay up late, you can be entertained.

There are so many honeymooners hosted on Norwegian to avoid costly freebies, but you have the option of picking from their five packages. If you choose the ultimate romance package, you will enjoy sparkling wine and strawberries in chocolate. There will be several red roses, some massages, two breakfasts in bed, nightly canapes, in-cabin tea service, dinner for two in the Le Bistro, a French restaurant, two formal portraits, and Cagney’s Steakhouse.

There is a partnership between Norwegian Cruises and Honeymoon Wishes, which allows couples to set an on board registry. With it, you can ask your guests before the wedding to purchase something for you for your honeymoon on the cruise ship.

There are several cruises in which you can enjoy your honeymoon cruise. All of them are excellent, but it all depends on what you want from the cruise ship. Check them out at the ultimate bride’s survival guide and settle for what you think will work best for you.  You will also get to learn more concerning how to plan for a cruise ship honeymoon and much more.

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