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The Bride’s Survival Guide: How To Ask For Monetary Gifts

Planning to ask for money instead of physical gifts for your wedding but do not know how to ask for it? This article is best for you to read. Weddings will never be complete without a beautiful wedding dress, scrumptious food, nice venue, wedding favors and gifts! Sure, the couple would love their guest’s attendance but they would surely appreciate to receive gifts too.

But what if, you do cannot think of any gift you want to receive? Asking for gift money instead is actually the best idea. There are a lot of reasons why there are many couples choose this route, and to name some of them, read below:

  • Cash or cheque is easier to carry

Especially for out of the country or destination weddings, heavy and huge gifts may not be too convenient. Sure, you are happy to receive the gifts but unfortunately, you do not have the time to think on how to bring the huge gifts home. Wedding preparation and the wedding itself can be very stressful and the last thing you want to happen at the end of your wedding is thinking and stressing yourself again on how to bring the gifts home.

  • You can buy exactly what you want with cash

Yes of course, even if you have a gift registry, you are not assured that your guests will give you exactly what you want. They might buy you a different color or design far from what you want.

  • The money you will receive can help you start up your savings

If you and your now spouse is not that materialistic or you already invested to almost everything you need to start a family, the money gift you will receive is best to help you start up your family’s savings.

  • It can pay off some of your wedding expenses

Other than time and efforts, you and your spouse surely invested huge amount of money for your wedding. Considering money as gifts you can somehow get if not everything at least a partial of the money you spent back.

Sure, you should not expect that the money you spent will come back but if it does, it would be really nice.

Now that you know the benefits of getting cash as gifts, the next thing you have to think of is how to pass the message to your guests.

To help you with the planning, read the tips on how to ask for monetary gifts.

  • Create a cash gift registry website

There are many sites that offer not only gift registry but cash gift registry and also honeymoon contributions and more. This is definitely a good idea as it can give your guests the chance to choose from a lot of gift options.

  • Always remember not to ask for money on your invitations

Your invitation is not the right place to ask your guests for money gifts or any other gifts, even your gift registry should not be placed in the wedding invitation. The request for cash gift and even the gift registry information should be placed not on the invitation but on your wedding website.

To make your guests informed about the site, you can include it on the invitation or you can include an insert on the invitation for your website detail.

  • Tell them where will you use your cash

It is best if you tell your guests where you exactly plan to use the cash, is it for a new home, or renovating your home, etc. This way, your guests will have more encouragement sending you the money. This way you make your guests feel connected about your life, hence making them feel the need of helping. This is a plea that does not like asking for alms but help.

Do not ask money and leave it as is. Tell them the reason why you prefer to receive cash so they know you are not celebrating your wedding just to earn.

  • Still provide a traditional registry

Do not take away your guests the chance to give you a physical gift. There are some who want to give a physical gift as they feel it more symbolic, for others, it is physical gift or nothing. Give your guests an easier life and provide them the option they are most comfortable to use.

  • Ask your parents, closest family and friends to pass around the message

If the message of asking for cash as gifts is coming from you, it will sound a little awkward and demanding, but if it is coming from others, it should be okay. Let your parents, closest family and friends spread the word and make it sound naturally.

  • Make a card box available both on the ceremony and reception area

There are some who prefer bringing the cash than giving it through the cash registry, so to make sure that there is a safe place for them to put it, have a card box available. To keep the box safe, you can ask either your maid of honor or anyone from the wedding organizers to check on it periodically.

  • Name the checks to you and/or your spouse

There are some who give their gift cheques solely to the bride or the groom, the right way to do it is naming it to both the groom and the bride with the connector or and no and. This way transaction at banks will be easy and seamless.

  • It is best to get physical gifts to bridal showers

For your bridal shower, it is best if you stick with gifts than cash. Some are tempted to do this but this may ruin the thrill of the event as most part of it is the bride to be opening gifts from her bridesmaids and other guests.

Apart from planning how to receive gift cash on your wedding, there are so many other things you need to think about weddings, click this link to know more: https://www.callablanche.com/post/the-ultimate-brides-survival-guide/


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