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The Bride’s Survival Guide: How To Be Successful With A Multi Venue Wedding

Your wedding dress should be one of the major attractions in your wedding. So, it is only fair if you spend time thinking which among the many options of wedding dresses would match your style, character and appearance very well. Apart from making yourself look stunning on this most special day, you also have to make sure that your guests will be very happy when they are at your wedding. Some say that to make everyone comfortable, it is best to choose a venue where you can have your wedding ceremony and wedding reception as well. It is actually true because having a single wedding venue can give people convenience, but that does not mean you cannot be successful celebrating your wedding if you decide to go multi venue.

Some may not believe but there are actually a lot of reason why people can consider this option. Do not fear as there are many ways you can make your wedding successful even if you consider a different venue for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

To help you finding success with this option, read below:

  • Hire a coordinator

Sure, may it be single or multi venue weddings it would offer a big help if you hire a coordinator. The coordinator will make sure that the logistics are planned well and the transfer of guests will be done in the smoothest manner possible.

These designated people will ensure that there will be no problems that may arise anytime during the transition and the guests will be directed to the right venues properly.

  • Assign an advance party

Just to make sure that the wedding reception for an instance is already well prepared, assign an advance party to go to the wedding reception early on. This is actually assigned to the wedding coordinators but if you do not have wedding coordinators you can have some of your cousins, or siblings, or friends do it.

  • Provide transportation

Just to make sure everyone will arrive on time, safely and conveniently to the wedding reception venue provide a transportation at least to those who do not have a private vehicle. Do not give your guests a hard time thinking of how they can reach the reception venue.

Tip: It is best if early on before the wedding, you ask your guests who among them has no available transportation so you know how many people you need to provide a ride.

  • Give clear directions

Just to make sure none will get lost, include on your invitation and post on your wedding website directions not only going to the wedding ceremony venue but the reception venue as well. Open your line for possible questions on how to reach the site.

If there is an easy and fast route, make sure that the guests are aware of that as well. Also, even if it is obvious, it is always better to tell them that there will be a different venue for the reception and the ceremony.

  • Two way radio is a good idea

A two way radio is best for the coordinators to have to ensure that all information will be sent immediately even the other party is still on the ceremony venue.

  • Provide guests with enough parking

This is one of the things you have to make sure is accessible. You need to ensure that there is enough parking spaces for private vehicles. You do not want them to have a hard time thinking where to park their car when they reach the second venue. All these information should be sent on the invitation and noted on your wedding website.

  • Give away wedding favors

This is actually recommended whether or not you are considering multi venues. Giving away favors is a good way of sending gratitude for your guests who take time to go to your wedding and stick with you even you need to move to a different location for the reception. It should not be grand or expensive, a simple token is actually more than enough.

  • Try to provide accommodations

If you have enough money to spend, why not provide enough accommodation. You can provide them with free accommodations especially if the wedding reception is far from the wedding ceremony venue and the city as well.

This can be a bit costly but at least this can assure you that all your guests are safe and relaxed.

  • Do not choose too far venues

Avoid choosing venues that are too far from each other. You do not want too much time to be consumed travelling from point A to B. Make the distance not too far as that would be very inconvenient for everyone.

  • Make sure that there is enough entertainment

It is imperative that the guests will be having fun after travelling between two venues. Prepare enough entertainment during the wedding reception. Make everyone happy and satisfied. Set up games, photo booth, programs and other entertainment that can make the event happier and more exciting.

  • Serve enough food

Please ensure that the guest does not regret the inconvenience of moving from one venue to another. Make sure there is enough food and drink being served. When they arrive, drinks should be available immediately.

  • Maximize the venue

Just to make sure that efforts exerted are not wasted, maximize the venue. Take as much photos as you want and maximize the space for your photo shoot.

Multi venue or single venue, the most important thing is your guests will stick with you until the end of your wedding celebration. Of course, when you are planning this option, you have to consider your guests. If you are expecting disabled guests or seniors, you may not want to consider this as it may not be the most convenient.

Moving on, there are many things you have to arrange and prepare on your wedding, to help you with the entire wedding planning process, here is a link you can consider: https://www.callablanche.com/post/the-ultimate-brides-survival-guide/


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