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How To Budget For Your Honeymoon

How To Budget For Your Honeymoon

Though your honeymoon needs to be unique and luxurious the way your wedding and best wedding dress were, there is no need for you to blow your budget out of proportion. Check out what travel experts have to advise regarding how to go on a budget-friendly honeymoon.

  • Book Early

There are no longer last-minute deals guarantee like it used to be in olden days in luxurious resorts. It is possible to get the best price as well as the availability even ten months before your travel date as resorts offer travel specials. Also, most fabulous resorts and rooms tend to sell out very early. When you book early, you will be in a position to get the best resorts. If you wait, you will be stuck in higher prices on whatever is left. You should not be the last person to book for leftovers.

How To Budget For Your Honeymoon

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  • Purchase Travel Insurance

You don’t know what is awaiting you on your honeymoon. The extra dollars that you use to purchase travel insurance might save you a lot if your trip is delayed or canceled due to unavoidable circumstances.

  • Be Willing to Compromise When it Comes to Timing

If your honeymoon can wait instead of going for it immediately after the wedding, the better. You are likely going to save up a lot and allow yourself more nights without an extra cost. Allow your agent to know how flexible you are in your traveling dates so that they can get you the best value for your money.

  • Utilize a Travel Agent

When you use a travel agent, the chances are that you are going to save some money as you enjoy your honeymoon. Their business is all about travel professionalism. They know how to plan the best romantic honeymoon trip.

Trade agents are aware of the what, the why, and the when of having to book different destinations and resorts. They know what is hot and what is no longer the right thing to do, what is underrated and what is overrated. Thus, they know where and how to find the best value of your budget.

  • Don’t Travel on Weekends

Traveling mid-week is recommended as compared to traveling on weekends when most people are traveling for a weekend to go and visit family or friends.

  • Look For the Hidden Gem

Most hotels and resorts require honeymooners! Thus, they will give away something special to attract you. There are a variety of places that offer special incentives, but you will not get them unless you ask.

There might be a free room upgrade, spa or hotel credits, exceptional concierge services, gift baskets in your room, unique or free excursions, and much more. It is where your travel agent comes in. This way, you’ll know everything that you ought to know about the hidden gem in your resort or hotel.

  • Create a Registry for Your Honeymoon

f you can create a registry during your wedding planning for your honeymoon, you are likely going to raise money. Thus, you can then spend on your honeymoon.

  • Check Out The Value And Not The Price

If you get an experienced agent, they will be able to know when a hotel or resort has good value for money. It could be the room type, their food, or the many added amenities that you are likely going to get. You should not just look at the amount of dollars you are going to pay.

Check out everything carefully before you make a decision. The first option might be $400 cheaper than the second option. However, if the second option ends up giving you free amenities worth $2000, as well as an upgrade, why not go for the second option.

How To Budget For Your Honeymoon

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  • Check Various Airfares

It is the airfares that tend to vary in prices. Are you thinking about timing and location for your travel? It is airfare costs that keep on changing based on whether you will depart early or late. Is there a requirement for a layover as you head to your destination or perhaps even two as opposed to one that you will have a direct flight? Apart from saving money, you will be in a position to save time too.

  • There May Be Incentive Deals

Depending on how flexible you are with timings, you can easily shop around for deals at your preferred destinations. They are provided by resorts, hotels, and tour providers.

If there is a favorite place that you would want to settle for, yet it is not in your price range, you can ask your travel agent when they are likely to be giving out the incentive deals. If there is a time frame, and it is within your timing, then wait for that time. You will enjoy your dream location and a price that is within your budget.

  • Don’t Travel During Busy Times

When you plan your flight ahead of time, it denotes rates that are affordable and less crowded airports. Ask your travel agent for the best time to travel. They will also provide an advice on when you should arrive at the airport.

  • Go For An All-inclusive

An all-inclusive resort might be the best option to go for. Honeymoons are all about relaxing with your spouse, ease, no stress, and indulgence. With an all-inclusive resort, it will allow you to enjoy your honeymoon without thinking about bills.

When you arrive at your destination, you need to take advantage of local products, brands, and fares. They tend to be less expensive! For example, wine, beer, and local food products. You will be surprised at how you will stay at the destination, within your budget, and at the same time, save so much to enjoy your honeymoon.

For more information on honeymoon budgets and destinations, check out The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide. It has tested and tried budget tips for a honeymoon. You will also come across a variety of budget-friendly honeymoon destinations.


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