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The Bride’s Survival Guide: How to Build A Good Relationship Within Your Wedding Party

Excited for your wedding dress? Who would not? It can make you look the prettiest on your big day. Wedding attire is one of the many things bride thinks about as she starts to plan for her wedding. But apart from her and her partner’s wedding attire, she also need to think about what her wedding party would wear.

It is best if the wedding party attire matches with the wedding’s theme. Also, it should blend well with the color of your gown as it won’t look good in photos if they are totally different or colors are not matching.

Apart from their appearance, one of the things they have to ensure of is their wedding party’s relationship. Of course, they want to make sure that everyone will be friends and build a good relationship at least before the big day.

Their relationship will show off on photos, if they are aloof with each other, they won’t be able to project nicely in front of the camera. The good news is, there are many ways you can do to introduce everyone in the party without the need of going out of your homes or meeting up in person.

How to Build A Good Relationship Within Your Wedding Party

As the bride and the groom, it is somehow your responsibility to introduce everyone in the wedding party. Good if they know each other but what if they are from different groups, like some are from your college friends, some are your childhood friends and while others are your relatives.

  • Organize a video party

Once you finalize your wedding party and identify their roles, it is time to organize a video party so they can be introduced, if not in person at least on videos. Also, this is a good way to take events planning like bachelorette and bachelor’s party off your back. Let them do the planning themselves. This is easier for them to do as they already know each other.

Also, this a bonus for you, as you are giving yourself the chance to be surprised by your wedding party, in case they decide to plan something for you and your soon to be spouse.

  • Create an online groups

Just to make the relationship flourish after the video party, creating an online group is highly recommended. What you can do is create a small chat group where groomsmen and bridesmaid are part of and one larger group chat where groomsmen and bridesmaid are on it plus your closest friends who are not part of the wedding party and other relatives. This is a good way to start up a good introduction between your expected guests.

  • Send them something in the mail

If you can, bake goodies and send them to your wedding party. Remember, they will play a huge role on the event, so small favors like this is not a bad idea at all. If your guests feel like they are important, they will go an extra mile to help you with your wedding preparation. Do not hold back being kind with your wedding party as they will ultimately return the favor back not only on the wedding day itself but before that also.

Let them feel the motivation by sending them a small token of appreciation.

  • Have a one on one chat sessions with your wedding party

Just to make the conversations more personalized, you can set up a one on one session with your wedding party. Talk to them one by one and set your expectations specific to their role. This is also a good time to ask any assistance they need from you and vice versa. You may also want to assign to them one vendor you think you cannot handle anymore.

Make sure that one on one conversation happens at least once a month and higher frequency as the wedding comes to close. Make sure that you do not only communicate with them in groups as there are some information you need to say to a specific person only.

  • Prepare a dance number with them

It may be hard to meet up regularly, so it is best if you do it online. Take advantage of what the technology can offer, use online video tutorials and video meetings to perform a dance number on your party.

You have to make sure though that practices are done more often especially before the big day to ensure that you can dance well together when you are about to perform on the wedding day itself. Do not put yourself in great dismay by performing lousy dance numbers.

  • Let them be part of the planning committee

Yes, please give each of them a responsibility. It does not need to be huge but at least something that can make them feel that you trust them and they are really part of the wedding. The task to give them should not be major, you can let them decide on small stuffs but not major ones like venue, food, etc.

You can also have them finish some of the weddings DIY like favors, designs and so on. Just to make things easier for them, send them the materials they need and pictures of what they need to do. You can also send a link where they can follow instructions on what they need to do.

Asking them for feedbacks and opinions can also make them feel like they are really part of this big day. You may not count all their opinions but at the least ask them so they know they are valuable. Let them know why their suggestions are not possible or why you need to go the other way.

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